Sunday, November 23, 2008

LPG Tanked Taxis Harmful?

Experiencing pneumonia is no walk in the park. I've had a difficult time recovering from it and I lost 10 precious pounds because of it. When I got out of the hospital and was well enough to read more about it I wanted to know a couple of things: (1) is it contagious (2) what causes it and (3) what I can do to prevent a recurrence (this is very important because I have a higher risk of developing it).

I made a very startling discovery while doing some research. Inhalation of chemical substances such as gas, wax, paint or other chemical products may trigger pneumonia. And this got me thinking... 

(1) I've never been admitted to the hospital for an illness.
(2) I rarely get sick and if I do it's just usually tonsilitis.
(3) I rarely get the sniffles, cold or cough.

I do tend to overwork myself, but I do rest especially during weekends (that's when I oversleep). I travel a lot too, but I usually end up gaining weight whenever I do so and don't have any problems going back to work immediately after a trip.

So did I have "chemical pneumonia"? I dunno, that I'll have to consult with my doctor when I go back for my follow-up. 

Anyway, I am very sensitive to the smell of gas and I'm the only one at home who can smell it whenever someone forgets to turn off fully the stove. I've been exposed lately to a lot of LPG-tanked cabs, re-painting at home, and the super alikabok bathroom renovation. My worst experience though were some cabs I took going around the metro. My friend's doctor also said to stay away from LPG-tanked taxis.

I'll surely do. I do hope someone from the Department of Health would check if there's a higher incidence of pneumonia in the past few weeks, those poor cab drivers are surely going to suffer much more than what they'll be able to save.


  1. How can you avoid taxi cabs that are powered by LPG, when the government passed the law requiring all cabs to be LPG-powered when their franchises are renewed?

  2. Hello Aileen. I'm sure studies have been conducted as more and more countries are using LPG also.

    But the LPG aside, how are you doing? Sana ok ka na and fully recovered. Take care girl.

  3. Hi Ms. Aileen,

    I can still remember that GMA/ABS-CBN made a documentary about taxi driver's health -- specifically those whose taxis were powered by LPG tanks. They have been complaining about certain symptoms. Doctors say that being in the taxi for almost 24/7 is very dangerous because they only breathe in carbon monoxide or LPG's toxic air release...

    but since there were not enough pieces of evidence to prove the claims... the issue ended up being ignored.

    Sharing moment lang po. hehe. =)