Saturday, November 8, 2008

DevFest Manila

DevFest Manila was a blast! A team of developers from Google, Globant, ExoPlatform, Friendster (from all over the world!) arrived in Manila to host one of the biggest developer events this year. Now I wouldn't even dare explain what was discussed since I was very busy doing back-end stuff during the event and well I think I was one of the handful of non-techies present during the event (even all the volunteers were techies!). 

So, I share with you the fun part of the DevFest -

And if you are a techie reading this post, you might want to shimmy over to the APAC DevFest Manila page.

Of course, photos!

I wasn't feeling well the whole week and just survived the event with pure adrenaline. Special thanks and big hugs to:

UP-ITTC (Dr. Caro, Prof. Rom, Rhea and Joeboy for bridging for me, you know what I mean)

University of the Philippines unPLUG for volunteering and tirelessly handling on-the-day logistics (especially Mikko for rounding up volunteers for me!)

Globe (Blue and Sherwin and their engineers) and Smart (Debby and their engineers) for agreeing to cooperate to provide internet (I know we drove you guys crazy during the first few hours)

BuddyRealityTV for the video coverage (you're the best Buddy!)

Max's Restaurant for the perfect food (but I have not yet forgotten the torture you put me through!!! You will definitely hear from me! Grrrr!)

and the other suppliers who also drove me crazy =)

Most special thanks to -

Sweetie for accompanying me countless of times to Elliptical Road and UP and for keeping me up and running the whole time (couldn't have done it without you)

And I would like to extend my sincerest thank you, gratitude and appreciation to Jason, Patrick, Pamela, Conway, Vinny, Jeremi, Benjamin, Jeff, Bruno and Eric for coming to Manila. I hope you guys come back soon!


  1. I'm really happy to have had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you very much. The Google DevFest was a lot of fun. =)

  2. @gaki Thanks so much Iris! I read your post earlier and I'm please you guys had fun! =)

  3. Thanks for organizing this Aileen, Manila ended Devfest on a high note!

    Patrick Chanezon

  4. Thanks for organizing the event Aileen, Manila ended Devfest on a high note!


  5. naks ang sweet talaga ni sweetie! yay!!! :) DevFest Rocks! sana maulit muli :D

  6. In behalf of PHPUGPH, thank you.. it was really a great and fun event.

    thank you.

  7. Thanks to the APAC team for the wonderful time!

    BTW i forgot to look for RJ from teamasia during the event, did he arrive?

  8. @jehzeel I hope so too!

    @michelle Thanks for the help as well. Hope to see you soon!

    @godieYOSI Oh he was there! I pointed you out to him hehe.

  9. @Patrick You're very much welcome and thanks so much to the whole team for coming over! Hope you come back soon =)

  10. Wasn't able to attend this (I was 40,000 feet up in the air), but was able to hang out with Pamela in KL where we attended a conference. But I look forward for the next DevFest!

  11. Nice Fest, and hope there will be more Google coming! (android naman)