Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dad's Miracle Spaghetti

I tell you, the only thing that will really make me 100% well is my Dad's spaghetti! So yesterday after a trip to the clinic for some tests I asked my Mom if we could drop by the supermarket to buy some tissue. Of course, bring me to the supermarket and I'm definitely not just going to buy tissue (even though I felt I was just crawling around in a daze). We ended up buying ingredients for spaghetti.

By late afternoon Aling Leoning woke me up and asked if I wanted to eat some spaghetti. I never say no to spaghetti and I got served a huge heap. I still can't imagine how I managed to finish it (serving is probably equivalent to 4 Jolly spags!). 

I lost so much weight anyway, so that's my excuse. LOL. Well, here's my spaghetti recipe in case you get hungry.

Oh do expect me to just ramble on the next few days, I'm still recuperating and haven't been able to go out. Keep warm guys, seems like there's a lot of people getting sick lately. Rest!

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