Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Be a Hero!

I was ten years old when the 1986 EDSA Revolution happened. Prior to that I remember cutting up the yellow pages and joining in the daily Ayala confetti-run from my Dad's office. I'd come to school with yellow-ribbon pigtails, had all sorts of Ninoy buttons and what-nots and I remember being one of the salubong entourage when (Former President) Mrs. Cory Aquino visited St. Scholastica's College during her campaign. I also remember going to the musuem that showcased Ninoy's things, (President) Cory and Kris were there and I even got their autograph.

That was about 25 years ago and back then I just knew that something important was happening to my country. My Dad explained then that the Marcos regime had to end and we had to fight for our freedom. At that young age I did what I could and I recall being worried sick when my Kuya went to EDSA and did not come home for a few days.

Last Sunday night I got to watch a documentary about Ninoy. It detailed his life until his death. It certainly straightened out the stuff that I did not understand back then and explained clearly what really happened (which looks like it's happening again). I regret now not forcing Miguel to watch it since the docu certainly serves as a reminder to us that Ninoy died for his country, hopefully not in vain. And I ask myself, what am I doing to help? What about you?

There is still much to be done.

(I suggest checking out the IamNinoy campaign.)

On a lighter note:

It's my birthday today and I thought I'd just do my usual daily work routine and stay home with my family. Mom said she's going to get me some cake and Dad's getting me some balloons. Celebration with the Sweetie and loved ones will come after.

Happy birthday as well to Kleng, Jerome, the ex-GF and fiance of the Jakarta airport customs officer, and to all those born as well on this very special day.

*Photos taken from the plane at the break of dawn.


  1. Happy Birthday, Aileen! :) Wishing you all the best!

  2. happy birthday aileen! hope you had a great celebration! God bless!

  3. Happy happy birthday my dearest sweetie. May you enjoy your special day and have many more birthdays to celebrate (with me) ;)
    I love you. *mwah*

  4. Happy birthday Aileen. Hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

  5. Happy birthday! :D


  6. happy birthday aileen! God bless!

  7. Happy birthday, Ms. Aileen. Pa-cheeseburger ka naman! Hehehe!

  8. Happy Birthday! Wish you more to come and more blessings as well. Cheers!

  9. Happy birthday, my dear friend. Kisses from me and Javier! :)

  10. Happy Birth Anniversary Aileen!
    Blessed are the meek, the clean of heart and the peacemakers.
    Blessed are you!


  11. belated happy birthday! :)