Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Cool Change for Jaya

Last week I had the privilege of tagging along with Sweetie for Jaya's album launch. "Cool Change" is the title of her album and I'd say it's very appropriate since Jaya claims that she went through so much turmoil in the past 2 years, but everything's at peace already. Jaya was a bit emotional during the launch. She cried a bit when she shared that there was a time that no recording company wanted to support her and she also shed some tears when she sang "Cody's Song" - a song dedicated to her child.

I have Jaya's old CD's. Her voice is very unique and cool to the ears. When she was launched a couple of years ago, she stood out because of her voice (I dunno how to call it). I would've had my old CDs signed, but decided not to after Jaya's tearful sharing. Anyway, Jaya's album "Cool Change" was produced by GMA Records (nice meeting all you guys!).

I really prefer listening to OPM than foreign songs. (What do you think brought me and Sweetie together? MUSIC! LOL.)

Anyway, here's a love song from the album - For the First Time -

And, a heart breaking song - Girlfriend -

And, something to dance to - On the Radio -

Salamat traffic! Nakapag-blog tuloy ako. Hehehe.

Congrats Jaya! Love the album!


  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Wow naman, ang exciting talaga ng buhay mo, panay happenings=) Now naman may music events ka naaattend-an c/o sweetie=) If uwi ako pinas sama ako ha=)

  2. Sa unang tingin, akala ko, "Cool change for Java." Hehe.