Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Missing My Favorite Fabric Shop

I miss going to my favorite fabric shop in Singapore, Spotlight. I used to go there monthly whether or not I needed anything. I just liked checking out quilting fabric and accessories. I discovered tools that could helped make my craft easier to do. 

When Mom taught me how to quilt she used scraps from Tita Maming's export business. The scraps were perfect for quilting. I was in Singapore when I thought about quilting again. I didn't have any materials so I went to Spotlight to buy some fabric. I realized that there was a lot to learn when I saw all the different types of fabric and tools. 

Spotlight though is a bit expensive, so I researched where to find craft materials. I found out that there were fabric shops in Chinatown. The fabric was cheaper, but the selections were different from what I liked. I also found a fabric center in the other side of town, but they didn't really carry patchwork fabric. 

So Spotlight became my favorite shop in Singapore. The shop is originally from Australia though and I got to visit a branch in New Zealand. The branch in NZ is at least 2x bigger than the one in Singapore. They had much more items! Too bad I wasn't able to visit any in Australia, they were just too far from where I usually stayed. 

I brought home some fabric I got from Spotlight. It will take me a long time before I use it up. I miss visiting Spotlight though, especially the aunties who are always helpful. Someday I'll be back :)

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