Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leap of Faith

As of today I've spent 27 days in the hospital since January 7 when I was admitted for my heart valve surgery. The surgery was necessary and it took me 10 years to finally agree to go through it. I did it for my family because their quality of life was suffering as well.

It has truly been a hard ordeal to go through but whenever I felt down and frustrated I would tell myself that God will not give me a trial I couldn't bear. I'd also remind myself that this is a short term sacrifice so my family can have a better life with me. I've been suffering the last 5 weeks, but my family has been with me every step of the way.

Jay, my Sweetie, is truly heaven sent. I don't think he slept the whole, month of January. He took care of me and monitored every breath I took. Made sure I ate and drank my meds and cheered me on. I cannot imagine going through this without him. He's back in Manila now for work but dropped everything when I said I was readmitted (thanks to all his bosses and colleagues at the embassy).

My Mom is the strongest person I know in the whole wide world. She takes everything in stride and has been my rock. She's 76 now but is acting as my full time private nurse. Hope I'm not being so much a burden.

My son Miguel. I know he's worried sick about me. He's been awesome at taking care of me and has been acting as my late evening nurse (oftentimes I couldn't sleep so I need company). Got lost a couple of times in Singapore, but he's gotten the hang of it.

My Kuya who's gone out of his way to surprise me with visits. Mom said I mumbled that I wanted to see him when I was still in ICU. He's a very busy guy so I'm really thankful that he came and even cooked spaghetti for me. The video greetings his family and my Ate sent was also very helpful and encouraging.

My boss, my colleagues, my friends for all the love, care, visits, helping in making things easier for me and my family, food deliveries, funny video greetings, funny cards, care package. Thank you. My doc said I must've done something really good because I wasn't being treated as another statistic.

Heart surgery is a huge leap of faith and only the brave can do it according to my doctor. You never really know what may happen. My case wasn't an easy one for Dr. Shankar and Dr. Koo but they made sure I got the best medical care.

I'm just probably 70% through with this ordeal. I still need to heal my wounds and regain my strength. I painstakingly typed this post on my tablet hoping it would help others who are going through the same thing go through it with deep faith and love.

Thank you Lord.


  1. I was teary-eyed reading this. I wish I was there to personally take care of you.

    It truly is a leap of faith. You are completely in the hands of doctors and nurses who don't know you as much as your family and friends yet they become your lifeline and do whatever it takes for you to get well.

    You will get there. What's best is that you will eventually feel better than before your operation and this is permanent.

    Get well soon Sweetie.

  2. Get well soon Ate Aileen! You are a strong person! you've proven it by going through this surgery already. :)

  3. I hope you have smoother days ahead. I can't relate as I have not gone through one but my dad had a similar experience. Having the entire family pray and share the time with him got him through well.

    God bless and better days ahead!

  4. Anonymous8:23 PM

    My Dad had a mitral valve replacement before. Awesome to know that your family has been with you this whole time.

    Praying for healing and complete recovery. God loves you!

  5. praying for God's healing . . . hugz

  6. This post is really inspiring. Hang on Aileen and family and all the people who love and care for you. You will be well again. God loves you dearly. Take care.