Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Muay Thai

"If you can't perform, japorms!" - Marc Macalua

(Japorms means "just dress to kill" to cover for your lack of skills.)

I learned that line a few years back from Marc when we used to have weekly bloggers badminton sessions. That was way back when my doctor allowed me to partake in strenuous activities. Now, I just can't and it can be frustrating at times (I missed an opportunity to enjoy the Swiss mountains a few weeks back! Sniff). 

So today I had the chance to attend a Muay Thai class in Bangkok. It was part of the sessions we had for a summit. I thought I'd skip it but heard that they had uniforms made for us. I knew the class would be too strenuous for me, but I thought it would be cute to wear the uniform so I could join the photo (haha). This is me in my muay thai japorms.

And with Professor Bruno, a famous Muay Thai master who taught the class.

When you cannot perform, japorms! Aja!


  1. We have a similar quote... "If you can't play, display" :)

  2. Looking good in your japorms, Aileen! :D