Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lost in Zurich, the Lone Adventure

Whoops I did it again!

I seem to have a penchant for getting lost.

I felt so bad that I couldn't join our team outing today because my doctor forbade me. He said I shouldn't risk my health to have some fun in the snow (cry). Anyway, so I woke up early and caught up with work and around lunch time my friend from London pinged me to remind me to get out of the hotel and go around Zurich. He recommended me to go to a cafe to have some chocolate! He said the magic word (chocolate) and I immediately left.

I couldn't figure out the tram system so I took a cab. I got the address from the cafe's website, wrote it down and gave it to the taxi driver. I figured he could use his GPS to find the place. He brought me to the right address but the cafe was nowhere in sight! There were just a few kids playing ball in what looked like a school yard. So I walked back to the main road to find another cab. And I waited... and waited and waited. Fifteen minutes had passed and there wasn't any taxis in the area. I couldn't access internet on my phone so I looked around and saw that that there was a tram stop nearby (not that I knew where exactly I was going).

The instructions on the ticket system was in Swiss and I had no idea what street to go to. There was a sign that read "Bellevue" and thought it would be a good place to head to since it was one of the main areas. Bought a ticket and found myself just by the lake! I was pretty pleased with myself and rewarded myself by eating a huge slice of pizza at the Belcafe. I abandoned the idea of finding the cafe and just did a photo-walk of the area.

After my walk around the lake I thought I'd take a taxi back to the hotel but lo and behold I couldn't find one. Luckily there was free wifi at the Belcafe so I was able to check what tram to ride back to the hotel. Got my ticket just as the tram was rolling to a stop and hopped in. I was back at Four Points (hotel) in no time.

So that was today's adventure around Zurich. I certainly hope my colleagues are having fun in the mountains!


  1. Bravo! Getting lost can be fun and rewarding.

  2. Beautiful and peaceful looking places in Zurich. Getting lost sometime makes me nervous.

  3. its been grate having her.. back link us...

  4. Lovely post. It is one of my favorite cities.

  5. Whoah there! If I were you, I would have cried and asked for other people's help. Hahaha.

  6. Goodluck to you.. nice photos !

  7. Oh my! Officially jealous! Great post and nice shots! :)

    Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back. :) TY