Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lost in the City

The past few days I've been trying out different modes of transportation to and from work. The only time I have the energy to walk is when I'm in the mall (haha) and that's why I'm really motivated to find a way to and from work. Anyway, I went to far today since I thought I'd try to take the bus from work to the event venue. Did some research online and found a bus that would bring me to the event venue. Good thing Sweetie went to visit me at the office.

We originally planned to go to Chinatown to get some mee-goreng, so we took a bus to Vivo City so we can take the MRT to Chinatown from there. But we changed our plans when we got there and grabbed a quick bite. After having dinner we headed back to bus stop to go to the event. Hopped on the bus that was supposed to pass the street we were going to.

A few minutes into the ride we noticed the landscape change and that's when we realized our mistake. We took the right bus but it was going the opposite direction. I knew Sweetie was uncomfortable about the fact that we were "lost", but because I'm used to getting lost I told him we should just get off the next stop with a MRT station on it.

I knew we were going to miss the event already so I just said we should just go back "home". To lessen travel time we ended up riding the yellow, purple, green and red lines. Haha. My best friend and I used to get lost a lot in Manila, but we eventually always found our way back.

Lesson learned: for the first 3 months, always be OC when getting directions and write everything down if you don't have access to the internet. So much for lessening walking time!

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  1. I prefer using the train when in Singapore. Super efficient saka isang bayaran lang maski saan ka bababa, nakakatuwa. Mukha lang magulo yung mapa pero ang organized ng interchange. :)