Friday, July 8, 2011

My Favorite Things

I just realized my favorite things are... favorite food! Eversince Typhoon Ondoy I kinda learned not to be too attached with my things, but I must admit I still get upset whenever I lose anything.

Here are a few of my favorite "things" (in random order):

1. Makati Supermarket spaghetti
2. Lachi's Sansrival Atbp. pork marinara
3. Becky's kitchen chocolate crinkles
4. Cielin's chocolate cupcake (the one available at Shell Select Magallanes)
5. Dayrit's cheeseburger
*#1, 3 and 5 has been my favorite for 3 decades now hehehe.

1. Minnie! (my car)
2. My N1 and I still can't let go of my Nokia E71
3. My pillows!
4. My camera
5. My apple pendant, wedding and engagement ring
6. All my Angry Birds toys
7. My Winnie the Pooh watch
8. My chair
9. A ratty old shirt that Sweetie says would be better off as a rag
10. Earrings my Tita gave me, I always wear it

I think I'm going to check this post again a few years from now to see any of my choices change.