Friday, July 22, 2011

Always On (Tipid Way to Go Online!)

I work remotely for my company so whenever I'm not at my base I check my mail every so often and take a peek at my SNS in-between meetings. I usually just use my phone and go online through my laptop (using SmartBro) for longer periods of time. I found the 30 minute limit though a bit limiting since I usually go overtime especially when I have to answer a couple of emails.

I thought I'd share Smart's new "Always On" offering which I think is a perfect solution for me whenever I'm out. You can use the offering based on your online activities. So if you only check mail and check your social networking site (and probably check-in on Foursquare), it will just cost you about PhP20 the whole day, versus paying PhP50 for going online the whole day but only using it mainly for email and SNS.

Here's "Always On" table -

To activate a package, send the keyword to 2200. This is available to Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, Talk N'Text and Smart Bro subscribers. Smart Bro users can available of it through Smart Web Connect. Users will be notified before a particular package expires (when you've consumed 80% of the availed scheme). When the package expires, charging will go back to regular pricing of PhP10 for every 30 minutes of use.

Not bad huh?

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