Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Angry Birds Toys at Clipper

I haven't been this excited over toys since I started collecting pigs. Here are some new stuff available at Clipper. They also have bags and pillows (PhP799).

 Stuffed toys. (The yellow one though is from SM.)


Window toy. (I'm parking this inside Minnie!).

I asked the sales crew if they've played Angry Birds already and they said no since they don't have their own PC or a smartphone. They all got excited when I mentioned they can play using Google Chrome.


  1. Ang mura sa toys, My friend went to SG and saw a stuff toy ng angry bird for P2,000++

    how much yun sa SM na kita mo?

  2. @cheapfaresph PhP99 and PhP199.

  3. Wow thanks for sharing all of these info grabe kala ko sa online store lang available to. Addicted kase ako sa game kaya gusto ko nakikita ko sila dito sa house. thanks again!

  4. Anonymous7:05 PM

    In what particular SM branch were you able to buy it?

  5. ano pong store :D ang cute ng green pig :)