Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Divisoria Experience

Divisoria during summer.

Divisoria is not for the faint hearted.

My Mom and I heard mass at 6 this morning because she didn't want to go to Divisoria late in the morning. Traffic on the way was very light and we reached Divi before 9. Surprise, surprise! All the parking spaces in 168 and nearby streets were already full. We were lucky to find a spot in an eskinita. Good thing we had Manong Lito drive us since the guard wanted us to leave the keys. Manong Lito stayed behind with the car.

At 9 a.m. 168 was already bustling with activity. I think everyone who didn't go out of town was there! We just passed through 168 and walked towards Ylaya which was already very crowded. Promptly got lost inside of Yangco building and had to be rescued by one of the keepers of the shop we were going to visit (in Galvez building pala). Went back to Yangco building to get to Tabora which wasn't as bad as Ylaya. Got some ribbons from Morning Glory and some sinamay at a street vendor.

Got a pedicab to Reina Regente since Mom and I had about 5 huge bags of stuff. It took us an hour to get to Reina Regente from the corner of Ylaya. I tell you, Divisoria during the Christmas season is not for the faint hearted, but it is still the best place to get everything you need at the most practical prices. (Oh the pedicab driver was mean, we were just supposed to pay PhP50, he asked for PhP100 instead!).

We weren't able to go back to 168 anymore because there was just too many people. Bitin!


  1. you'll definitely have a heart attack from all the chaos. i'd avoid that area in manila if I had a choice. Unfortunately I have work there on saturdays :(

    i'd suggest that you do your shopping a month or two before december para less stress.

  2. @aschua if I didn't need to pick up something from Divi I wouldn't have gone. I dread going back since I still need to get something again. Waaaah!

  3. Oh my, they ask you to leave your car keys when you park? But why?

  4. Hi, Aileen. Divisoria is sure is one tuff place for shoppers. you really have to sweat just getting there, but at least you get a lot of choices, the haggles for the best bargains and of course experience authentic filipino shopping! cheers and more power always...

  5. Divisoria never ran out of shoppers! definitely you'll stress yourself when you go there in the months of BER! =) But sometimes it's very fun battling with those people especially when you are looking for the best gifts and goodies in divisoria..
    BTW, thank you very much with the informations you gave to us last Iblog@CEl ms.googler =) I like your speech, it's very enticing. thanks again..godbless

  6. I used to go to Divisoria when i was a little kid. and i guess I don't really appreciate going there that time..
    My mom had a small store there and I haven't returned there in years! I guess it's time for me to visit again, this is a good reminder. :)

    Anyway, Id like to thank you for the do's and dont's that you have shared about blogging last Nov 15 at the Iblog@cel event. It was my first blogging event and i definitely learned a lot from you.. Thanks again..