Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Love

Do you remember your first love?

I would assume that a lot of us go through several relationships first before we find the right one, after all we usually get our bit of first love as teenagers and due to immaturity, stupidity and what-not it just doesn't always work-out. Fear not since it just usually gets better and when it comes at the right time things will just fall into place.

My Mom married her first boyfriend, my Dad and they would usually rib each other about being together for the longest time. Earlier today my Mom was saying, "I don't want a grand celebration for our golden wedding anniversary." (It's going to be next year). 

My Dad answered, "Well we won't, we don't have money to spend anyway." (Siyempre that's our job na). 

And then my Mom told me, "You mean I have to marry the same person?" 

Then Dad quipped, "Yeah, our contract is only for 50 years since that's the prescriptive period for marriage contracts." (He is of course just kidding and making things up. I definitely don't remember any prescriptive period for marriage in the Family Code.)

Yes, my parents are still very much crazy in love with each other and it drives me nuts when they are in that mood. And I guess despite all the upheavals in my love life in the past I never gave up on love. Baduy man, but when you find that person you can giggle with over some insane, mababaw jokes you just know you are on the right track.

And this post was inspired by the McDonald's TVC "First Love" which I plurked about over a week ago. 


  1. It hurts when your first love doesn't love you back... just like in the video.

  2. oh well, baka meant to be friends lang sila. ako, I'm very much happy with my love. *wink*

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    blog-hopping from dyanie.. :) I love that commercial. soooo cute!

  4. Yeah, I've seen the Mcdo ad. It was really cool and yet sad. Cool in the sense that it's not something far out. It hits you. However, it's sad for being real. I pity the guy with the glasses. poor fellow. Someone I can probably relate to. hahaha.

    great posts you have.

  5. dito ko lang nakita yung mcdo ad sa blog mo. hindi kasi muaabot dito mga ads sa pinas. maraming salamat.

    first love ko? hmmm... last love na lang ikukwento ko...