Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sleepless in Davao

Yes, Tappy's right, I can actually snap out of a daze (a.k.a. sleep mode) in an instant. And what's funny is I've developed a new talent! Falling asleep before the airplane actually takes off. LOL. That's what happens when you lose a lot of sleep when traveling.

And I don't mind traveling since here I am again in Davao. The place where I would want to live. And even with just a night to spend here I managed to squeeze in some bonding time with The Usual Suspects - Ria, Dennis, Jun, Blogie, Andrew, Marc (nang-indian!), and joining us through an online conference were Winston and Jehzeel. We definitely had a ball and I learned a couple of new words from them plus the words for the day, "alambre" and "adhikain".

We had grand plans to go off to another cafe, but just ended up hanging out at the Sagay Restaurant of Casa Leticia. Brought out all our laptops, chose a corner each - seems weird huh, but let's say we really had a great time.

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  1. hahahaha... i love what we did. Ang saya. Amfness? heheheh.. Good luck sa mga umuungol sa tabi2x. :D diba Jehz?

    Let the campaign start here. Let's nominate Jehz for the Boy Bastos Award (Evil Blog Awards of Paolo Mendoza). Hehehehe. :D

  2. wahahahahahaha! amfness talaga! bat ako? dapat ikaw si boy bastos!! amf kaAA! waAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    hehehe.. ang saya ng conference weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. Me? Ahhh, si Winston. Ang wholesome wholesome kaya ng blog ko haha.

    Oo nga, ang saya and sumakit tummy ko kakatawa. Saya dito sa Davao talaga :)

  4. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Dennis doesn't look too thrilled hanging out with us, amf!!

    @Jehz: We still don't know what you were grunting about!

    @Winston: Let's make sure Jehz is ranked #1 for "ungol"!:D

  5. @kuya drew: hahahhaa...sure sure.. i'll blog about it when I get home. hahaha. permission persmission, pwedeing i-publish ang transcript? hahahaha

    btw, di ko rin nakikitang sumasama sa inyo si kuya dennis. matagal na rin akong di nagpapakita sa kanya. hihihihi

    @ate aileen: hehehe... oo nga po. hindi nakakasawa. hehehe

  6. kuya dennis pala yung isa sa pic. di ko napansin. amf

  7. AMF!!! Super fun night... :) Come back soon Ate Aileen.

  8. @andrew - we can call what we did "a laptop gimmick" hahaha

    @batang yagit - ankukulit natin! hihihi.

  9. hi aileen,

    ive heard u will be coming over here in cebu? i read an article on one of the local newspapers that u will be speaking in mandaue chamber forum. i will be there to attend also and take some photos. hope we can meet and take a photo from you and share it on my cebu blog ( hehehe...c ya here:)) -rio calle

  10. Anonymous11:03 PM

    @Blogie: No!! Look at Ria. I think she's making the moves on Dennis that's why he looks uncomfortable. LOL! :D

  11. Anonymous3:19 AM

    @Andrew - Thrilled ako ma meet kayo lahat kaso si Ria panay sandal sa shoulders ko kaya ako na FROZEN....wahahahahha

    Oooops hello Ria peace