Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why I Want to Live in Davao

I fell in love with Davao on my first visit. That was in August 2005 when I went on a business trip.

I said then, "I want to live in Davao."

And I've said that in each visit I've made (November 2006 and March 2007). And I would if I wasn't tied by commitments and family in Manila.

So, why do I want to live in Davao?

1. It's peaceful. I know there are a lot of bad news associated with the region and I always end up arguing with friends abroad about it, but I believe any place or city has it's own dangers. Mind you, locals here follow the law.

2. The people. I noticed that it is easy to deal with and befriend people from the South. I've always been treated well here and I've made a number of friends already.

3. The food. Need I say that food here is very, very cheap? Where else can you get 3 sticks of barbecue with unlimited cups of rice for only PhP20? Plus! Everything's fresh and you have the choice of eating by the sea, in the jungle or just take a walk anywhere and you'll find food.

4. Recreational facilities. Samal Island is just 20 minutes away from the city. Want a mountain adventure? Just head up towards the mountains and you'll find Eden, a real heaven 2,000 feet above sea level. Or go white water rafting. Or just head over to the crocodile farm or wherever. The slow pace doesn't bother me at all coz there are more things I could actually do.

5. And just because I want to live simply. I guess I'm just a very private person and outside of my work I just want to have fun with my family and friends. And I believe Davao can provide that.

Plus! Wi-fi is free everywhere! Even in Jollibee! That's what I call life. :)

I must've been born in the wrong region. Hehehe.


  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    A proud DavaoeƱo here. Balik po kau uli Miss Aileen. I enjoyed your company. Sayang at hindi ako nakasama sa Eden.

  2. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Hi there Aileen.

    My dad was assigned there so I spent practically my entire childhood there. Life was simple, fruits were always bountiful, and a lot cheaper than Manila. I have many fond memories of Davao, including learning to eat durian and marang.

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    yes, i heard so many good things about Davao. now you are confirming it all.

    and free wi-fi everywhere, Davao's leaders must have been so gracious to think about that.

    what, i wonder, if the capital were moved to Davao?

  4. wow ate Aileen! sayang di ako nakarating.. ang layo ko kasi sa manila.. wahehehe! ganda! sana andyan din ako.. huhuhuhu.. kainis.. kainggit waaaaa! buti pa si winston nakapunta dyan.. wAAAAAA! huhuhuuh.. waaa waaaaaaaa!!! waAAAAAAAA!!

  5. yes, it's true. almost all spots are wifi free and there are a lot of affordable and cozy restaurants to choose. ikaw na mismo ang magsasawa. btw, aileen, why not marry someone na taga davao? hehehe.

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Thanks very much for this post, Aileen! Another pogi point for Davao :)

    I liked it so much I dugg it!

  7. Anonymous9:07 PM

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  8. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I've been in Davao for several times on business trip too IMO, the place is very nice and I'm dreaming of settling there.

  9. Yes, I'm part Davaoena and I would love to retire there someday...

  10. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Glad you enjoyed my hometown! although I haven't been back home in a while, parang feeling ko naka-uwi na rin ako, thanks to this entry and your updates on twitter! hehehe

  11. Hi! Finally, i am able to reach your blog. Really, i've been looking forward to visit your blog after you had the seminar at UM. I am so fascinated with your work and of course, GOogle. =P

    Anywho, I was one of the students who attended in the seminar. I'd like to thank you for making me a dreamer. Yup, a 'dreamer' to work with google company someday. =)

    Have a nice day.

    ~Sorry, i didn't read your post. I don't really know how to use the 'twitter'.

  12. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Hi Ms. Aileen, ang saya mo pala kasama. Nasiyahan talaga kami sa mga kwento mo, ang dami dami mong na kwento. Gusto sana namin ng friend ko sumabay sa videoke gig niyo pero need ko na umuwi kasi naghihintay barakada ko sa bahay namin. B-day ko kasi yung day na yun.

    Anyway, can't wait sa pagbalik mo and your stories!

  13. Hi, Aileen! I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I attended the Da Marketing Code conference two months ago,

    Anyway, I love your Davao entry. I also love Davao and want to live there!

  14. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Aileen, thank you for this Davao entry, I thought the whole island is the same not until you gave a feature about Davao, well honestly I think of having my own place there someday.

  15. this is amazing news. i never thought that it was possible. free internet in the whole city.

    i wonder if the internet providers in cebu have the mayor in its pockets ..

  16. Anonymous1:41 PM

    crazy....i was searching for fwendzdiner,search brought me here.
    Itz nice to know that you like Davao.
    I left davao at the early age of 18.Itz been long time i havent seen my hometown.
    I am already a swiss citizen and i am still proud to be a Dabawenya.

  17. I thought the whole island is the same not until you gave a feature about Davao, well honestly I think of having my own place there someday.
    Andrew William

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  18. really, Davao is the best-est! ^_^

  19. Anonymous10:24 AM

    HI,I am going to davao to live,,,,can I get by on 1500 us per month

  20. Yes, that's more than enough.

  21. I am glad that you've enjoyed your stay in Davao. Balik balik sa davao!

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