Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why I Want to Live in Davao

I fell in love with Davao on my first visit. That was in August 2005 when I went on a business trip.

I said then, "I want to live in Davao."

And I've said that in each visit I've made (November 2006 and March 2007). And I would if I wasn't tied by commitments and family in Manila.

So, why do I want to live in Davao?

1. It's peaceful. I know there are a lot of bad news associated with the region and I always end up arguing with friends abroad about it, but I believe any place or city has it's own dangers. Mind you, locals here follow the law.

2. The people. I noticed that it is easy to deal with and befriend people from the South. I've always been treated well here and I've made a number of friends already.

3. The food. Need I say that food here is very, very cheap? Where else can you get 3 sticks of barbecue with unlimited cups of rice for only PhP20? Plus! Everything's fresh and you have the choice of eating by the sea, in the jungle or just take a walk anywhere and you'll find food.

4. Recreational facilities. Samal Island is just 20 minutes away from the city. Want a mountain adventure? Just head up towards the mountains and you'll find Eden, a real heaven 2,000 feet above sea level. Or go white water rafting. Or just head over to the crocodile farm or wherever. The slow pace doesn't bother me at all coz there are more things I could actually do.

5. And just because I want to live simply. I guess I'm just a very private person and outside of my work I just want to have fun with my family and friends. And I believe Davao can provide that.

Plus! Wi-fi is free everywhere! Even in Jollibee! That's what I call life. :)

I must've been born in the wrong region. Hehehe.