Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Update on my Globe Visibility Rant

Last Thursday I was fuming... mad... I had gone mad. The Aileen Patience scale was tipped over the top. So I ranted about what was bothering me. It was about my not-so-happy purchase of the Globe Visibility service.

I had actually planned to fax my post to them, the same way I did when I ranted a few months back about some computer shops. I got a call from one of the shops (Silicon Valley), but I have not dared step in the shop eversince (trauma ito!). Anyway, back to Globe, I didn't get a chance to fax it over the weekend since I was quite busy preparing for my trip.

Last night, I got a call from a friend, someone from Globe was looking for my number and I got a call from, no less than, the head of customer service! I had calmed down since, but was quite irked that as of yesterday morning the service was not activated yet. Tsktsktsk. Anyway, the kind gentleman apologized for the atrocities that I went through and agreed to my request - refund the PhP11,700 I was forced to pay (anak! we can buy your aircon this weekend!) and he promised to get the service activated immediately.

I received a message this morning that the service has been activated, but maybe it's me or the OS I'm using in my laptop it's not working. Well, anyway, the kind gentleman said that he'd send someone to help me set it up when I'm back in Manila. Yey!

Anyway, in fairness, I could say that they have identified the problems that caused the awful service I got and methinks they're going to do something about it (I am forever hopeful and optimistic with things). They've noted the comments posted in the entry I made the other day as well. I am hoping that they'd be like this to ALL the customers and not just me (I'm just like everybody else, it's just that I have a blog hehe).

Just get me up and running Sir and I'll be your happy customer again.