Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Top 10 Favorite Pinoy Chocolates and Biscuits

I love listening to OPM, watching Filipino movies and I am very, very Pinoy! And while working I eat Pinoy food. A couple of months ago I brought lots of Pinoy delicacies for my colleagues to sample, who would've thought that Chocnut would be such a big hit that they brought it back to the US?

Here's my top 10 all-time favorite Pinoy snacks (though some aren't available anymore):

1. Chocnut! I noticed today at the SM Hypermarket that there are more than one copy cats of Chocnut already and Hany changed their packaging, but I still love Chocnut. Chocnut!

2. Serg Chocolate! I've been craving for this since two weeks ago. I don't think they make any anymore sniff sniff. So I tried out the new Goya chocolate. It's good! Try it.

3. Chocolate Mallows. Oooohhh yummy.

4. Hi-Ro. My Mom used to buy me a lot of these when I was a kid. I have not seen any at the SM Hypermarket lately.

5. Happy. Remember that biscuit? I think it was replaced by Jolly. But there wasn't any Jolly either.

6. That Animal Biscuits thingy. I don't remember the brand name, but it was one of my favorite baons too.

7. Marie! Did you know that a pack is just PhP9.25? It may not be filling, but it's something to munch on.

8. Skyflakes. Even with the onslaught of competitors, I have been brand loyal to Skyflakes. It's yummy with anything.

9. Nissin Eggnog. Sometimes nakakasuya, but Miguel used to love this as well when he was a toddler. I remember when Rico (Yan) was my classmate, he would grab some from me. I think he used to endorse it.

10. Chocolate Crunch. It would break my heart if they took this off the shelf. Can't live without. LOL.

Addendum... from Paul... FlatTops! Oh how could I forget! I was like eating some just a few hours ago.

What about you? What's your favorite Pinoy snack?


  1. @paul - thanks for reminding me about flat tops! sarap noh?

  2. Anonymous1:28 AM

    have you tried goya's black chocolate? its gooood! :)

  3. @venice - I have not tried the black chocolate. I did get a couple of the milk and plain ones yesterday hehehe. Sarap!

  4. Chocnut! I remember my MARKET1 (Ms. Milette Zamora) prof telling us that Chocnut would soften the hearts of the Marketing/Advertising profs. Gotta love that, nothing else is the same. :D

    Chocolate Mallows is still a favorite snack for me and my brother. :D Pretzels too. I rekindled my love for Chocolate Crunch because of my best friend. :)

    Flat Tops = yum. It's soooo much better than Curly Tops (whose tops aren't curly at all). Yum yum. :D

  5. Anonymous11:33 AM

    the curly tops! love it.

    bat kaya wala nang Serg's it was my favorite when i was in my elementary days.

    i still buy choco mallows by bulk at Comfoods, its cheaper there. along buendia, pasong tamo

    and the chocolate pretzels my kiddie food. :)

  6. @tina - curly tops!!! now why did I forget that? oo nga curly tops na di curly ang top hehe

    @eric - I'm so sad there's no more Serg! And pretzels!!! Yumyum!

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I can't remember Happy. Jolly is still on the market, but with a new shinier packaging.

    I think I was in highschool when I read the news that the company that used to manufacture Serg was closing. I still remember their last ad jingle... "Isang balot ng I love you, isang balot ng Serg."

    I am also loyal to Skyflakes.

    And how can you forget Nips??? And Curly Tops?

  8. Ay meron pang flat tops?! maghahanap ako hehehe

  9. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Not sure if you know this one, but Hebi is kinda great. When I was a kid I used to buy a whole pack with 12 mini-packs inside.

  10. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Marie and Chocnut!!! Memories of childhood... un-guilty pleasures... all-Filipino :)

  11. Chocobot po! Nagko-collect pa po ako ng mga wrappers 'nun dati. hehe.

    And 'un milk candy na rectangle ang shape. Saka po Big Bang and Chiz Curls... ^_^

  12. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I like Hansel the most. You know, the mocha filled sandwich that smells really good?

    Addict ako dun. I eat one everytime I go home from school. Oh yeah, I also eat one when I blog. lOl!

  13. have you heard 'bubot' before? it's a candy coated peanut. eto yung kinakain ko before when i was around 4 years old.

    flat tops when I was in elementary and high school.

    Safari (corn snack) naman in college. hehehehe. I used to eat this during classes.

  14. meron pa pala... hany yung favorite ko na chocnut. heheheh

  15. When Selecta came out with their Chocnut ice cream, I must have eaten a cup or two daily. And gained weight in the process. But ang sarap. Buo buo yung Chocnut bits.

    In the province, we live across from a store selling all kinds of local junk. Zeb zeb. Gigi. Mang Kepweng. You buy them by the pack but now they retail for P1 each. Everytime we go back home, we buy a pack or two. Will pale in comparison with Jack and Jill but we love it just the same. Comfort food nga.

  16. Anonymous8:17 AM

    i dont remember happy, pero meron pang jolly. i bought one para baon ng anak ko - kaso hindi niya type :D

  17. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Oh, I love Chocnut and Hany.

    It's strange... I can buy any high-quality chocolate anytime I want, but there's those times I'd rather have a Chocnut!

    Reminds me of my childhood in the Philippines... Nostalgia.

  18. Anonymous10:19 AM

    i like chocnut too. and football (serg i think).

    maybe near the bottom would be jack and jill pretzels... we used to lick the chocolate off it before munching on the stick. It was fun and natural for us to do then. I am sure everybody will say "yuck" or "ewww".

    though not a cracker or a chocolate, i miss jack and jills nuts and pops. Buti na lang my Romanas peanut brittle =)

  19. marie! biscuit ng mga babies!

    eggnog, not the same taste as before, parang lasang luma na. the commercial of rico was the one where the phrase "grabe, isang box!!!" the fave punchline a few years back. :)

    i also like mallows, yun ang gusto kong gift na ma-receive dati kapag christmas hehe. :)

  20. yummy:) brings back childhood memories...

  21. I didn't realized I missed out a lot on the other stuff that I actually eat! Like Nips, Curly Tops and who could forget Jack & Jill Cheez Curls!

    I still miss Serg! Waaaah! Wala na ba talaga?

  22. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Aileen, start tayo online campaign to bring back Serg's. LOL!

  23. @ria - aba! oo nga ano! I soooo miss Serg!

  24. your # 3 is my # 1

    chocos are healthy!

    mabuhay ang chocolates!

  25. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Yey, Chocnut lover din ako...and some of my kids have learned to eat this too.

    Yes, I also like mallows, hiro, curly tops...puro tsokolate ata 'to ah....

  26. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I always have a stash of mallows, flat tops, chocnut, and chocolate crunch in my kitchen. My boyfriend (he's kano.. hehe) would sometimes steal a bite or two and leave a trail of suspicious candy wrappers around the house. Don't forget lucky me pancit canton as an obsessive snack... he would make me go to the asian store just to smuggle him some. Oh yeah.. i'm in the US, so all these pinoy goodies are expensive over here. :(

  27. just bought some curly tops, but I am trying to distinguish how it taste now compared to those days I've not tasted all these toblerone, hersheys and lindts... trying to reconnect with all these pinoy chocolates of my childhood...