Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Invisible Globe Visibility

I am known to be a very patient person, but this afternoon I blew my top at the Globe Wireless Center at Park Square in Makati. Why?

Because I feel like I had been duped.

Before I start ranting let me tell you why I decided to get Globe Visibility.

I NEED IT for many reasons, but primarily for work.

And I thought since I have been a Globe user for 8 years already and it's more convenient to go to their wireless centers, then I might as well tie-up the services I've been using under one roof.

So, even though I've been given the round-around in the past:
1. "Oh we don't have it here in SM Bicutan, go to Glorietta."
2. "Oh we don't have a demo unit here, go upstairs at the Hub near Red Lane."
3. "Oh we'll send someone to do a demo on your laptop since we don't have a unit available anymore."

I just shrugged it all off. Didn't get mad, coz, I needed it and I have a higher objective so I didn't mind the hassle.



Yesterday afternoon I called the customer service hotline number to find out where exactly I could get one. Got the list of requirements and all other info to make sure that it was going to be hassle free.

I was gravely disappointed. Mistreated. Upset.

I was told by the customer service person I just need to pay PhP5,000 upfront and provide some requirements. Okay, so I had no problems about that.

And then, surprise, suprise, they said that that promo ended already and it wasn't available. WTF?!?! It's an existing product, how could it not have a basic offering.

Breathe in, breathe out. So I told Gilbert (in fairness, he really kept his composure) that I just checked the day before with customer service the available plans etc. for Globe Visibility. So, he said he had to check with training the newest plan since they were not informed about it yet. I waited patiently, got the same answer, pushed around for a better answer and then...

"Ma'am you have to purchase this plan so you could get the Globe Visibility." They wanted me to purchase a N95, so I could get it. I had to pay upfront PhP25,000+ just to get it.


At this point, I was trying very hard to be diplomatic and patient. I then called a friend to ask if he and she could help me. They were flabbergasted about the treatment I was getting. Anyway, they gave me feedback from their friends in Globe that I didn't need to purchase a phone just to get a Globe Visibility.

Anyway, yada yada yada. I thought it was quite unforgivable that:
1. Globe's internal communication program seemed to be messed up. I AM THE CUSTOMER and I was told that I just had to pay PhP5,000 upfront. Why should I care that your promo is apparently over? You gave me that commitment, so DELIVER!
2. Globe Visibility's product manager seemed to have let their promo plans pass. The last one apparently ended last July 15... it's already July 19!
3. I had to pay an additional PhP11,700 just to get the @#$%$ thing even though I was told I was only supposed to pay PhP5,000 upfront.

If I had the luxury of time and energy, I would've headed over to PLDT to get a WeRoam instead. BUT! I'm busy and I can't afford to just while away my time to get the proper service I should be accorded as a consumer.

I don't complain much and when I do complain, it really means I have been MISTREATED badly.

And to make matters worse, I was told it's going to take about 5 days before they can activate it. They only told me this after I signed the contract and the payment slips.

Oh my. Can I just throw this thingy in the trash can?


I will definitely send this post to Globe's top management and demand for a refund for the
E220 Huawei USB modem I paid for. And here are some more posts I found about Globe Visibility:

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Well... just a couple... head over to Technorati or Google Blogseach and search for "Globe Visibility". There's a lot and I mean a loooooot.


  1. a BIG sigh and a BIG sheeesh... :(

  2. @chattee - yes, big SIGH. I am still freakin' mad. Ayoko lang magka-wrinkles!

  3. the third world ...

  4. if it happened with globe, i wonder how worse it would be with pldt/smart. hehehehe

  5. Anonymous9:15 PM

    i agree with batangyagit ._.

  6. Now that's a rant.

    Glad you gave me the heads up on Visibility application.

    If you had SMART and a bluetooth-3G, phone..10 pesos for 30 mins internet access. That's what my officemates use.

  7. @rmacapobre - argh!!!

    @batang yagit and caranijuan - much, much worse probably

    @jozzua - I've been using Globe for the past 8 years unfortunately. It's really despicable! And my ranting would've been longer, but... but... I had to do other things hehe.

  8. Naku! Saktan natin sila ma'am! Kagigil oo.

  9. BADTRIP Yun Ha.. halika balikan natin abangan natin sa labas ng Store nila.... grrrrrrr....... :)

  10. @aileen: wawa ka naman. Wala na nga silang sales talk kinailangan to get you to subscribe since you were set on getting it... kaya lang they really treated you unprofessionally. Looks like you knew more about Visibility than them. Paano yan ? you still have to wait for 5 days pa ?

    Use Smart 3G muna sana if you really need to access the internet while being mobile.

    @jozzua: yep that's what I use too when am out with my laptop. Lowbat lang katapat mo especially if you use bluetooth.

  11. Anonymous9:23 AM

    aileen, go straight to the top, fax your complaint to gerry ablaza. you will get a call after 15 minutes, that's what i did.

    just omit the WTF's, hehe.

  12. You are not alone. My friend Toni had the same problem last May and she also wrote more than one post about it.

  13. I'm so sorry this happened to you! And to think I even recommended Globe because of WE Roams poor customer support. :( I hope somebody from Globe's top management gets a hold of this post and try to remedy the situation. They certainly owe you a lot for all the hassles you went through.

  14. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Wonder why they still do that kind of crappy service?

    Because potential customers like you would still subscribe anyway no matter how bad the treatment is. Less hassle for them too.

    If only customers would stand up and really mean it, then these telcos would do something. But the way it goes, whether or no they improve their service, people kept on subscribing.

  15. Anonymous10:13 PM

    In truth, I'd rather choose Globe than PLDT with what I've heard about their bad customer support.

    Globe isn't the best has unpredictable service especialy on my location (Palanan, Makati).

  16. Anonymous12:05 AM

    well, really then--you have the reason to rant and rage.

    i just hope all will end well :)

  17. My friend Nancy had the same problem while inquiring about Globe DSL. She asked at Trinoma, was told to go to The Block which she did, only to be told there that service was not available in her place of residence.

  18. Globe clearly doesn't know who you are. I remember an Ayala company getting banned from Google once. You'd think they'd remember not to piss off a Googler. ;)

  19. @ivan harry - di na mainit ulo ko ngayon, alam ko na gagawin ko :)

    @rommel - kalma! kalma! ang puso hehehe

    @jaydj - frustrating... simply frustrating to think i'm so swamped with so many other things! I shouldn't be worrying about this!

    @anonymous - thanks for the tip. i'll do that!!! :)

    @dr. emer - nakakainis diba?

    @jonas - iz okay my friend

    @anonymous - sabi nga ni max... 3rd world! argh!

    @bacchus - I chose Globe because it's convenient for me as well. Argh!

    @millie - the atrocities of globe!

    @paulvr173cm - korek!

    @mike abundo - nah! they should treat everyone equally, but I'm definitely writing their boss! and... and DTI if needed :)

  20. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Hi Aileen,

    That is bad.. bad.. bad..

    I wonder if they realize the power of blogs yet... more so if all the visibility/globe bloggers get together to make some noise...

    what if..