Saturday, May 26, 2007

Customer Care, I Just Don't Care!

I was telling a colleague that perhaps it's Asian culture that we aren't "ranters". We aren't straightforward and we never really say what we mean. We are such "yes" people and we usually end up just mumbling and keeping complaints to ourselves. It's quite rare that you would find somebody making a scene at a restaurant or a shop. Hmmm... that's probably why blogs have the power to make or break a product/service.

I've experienced quite a number of bad customer service. And I've just had more than enough of it. So allow me to blog about it a bit. I won't be naming the companies because I am not out to "break" them, I hope they or similar companies would just take a hint.
  • This company is a well-known courier worldwide whose local HQ is somewhere along Pasong Tamo. I had quite a lot to say when I complained about their service. And I got a very arrogant reply, "We're the best here, maghanap kayo ng ibang mas magaling sa amin." (find someone who's better than us).
  • This resto is named after a day in a week. I think they cannot keep up with the demand when they are full. My friend had to wait about 20 minutes just to get his extra rice. We also had to wait more than 15 minutes just to get our beverages served.
I've been seriously canvassing the past few days for a laptop and this is what I could say about the bad service I've been getting:
  • This PC shop is known for express service. They'll tell you they can build up your PC in 2 hours, 2 hours to the second power and they'll show you how annoyed they are when you follow-up with them. Yeah, express indeed, I had to have my PC revived 4 times in less than a year. I met the owner of this chain of stores and realized that the saying, "The root becomes the fruit" is very true indeed. After buying 1 PC from them and spending again just to keep it up and running, I won't consider buying from them ever again.
  • I was very much disappointed in the leading competitor of the PC shop mentioned above. I couldn't understand why the salesperson seemed hesitant to bring out the laptop from the shelf. Maybe he thought I couldn't afford to buy one because I was just wearing a white Bohol t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. What made it worse, one of their staff kept bumping into me without even saying sorry. I know your shop is just like an eskinita in Park Square, but hey you can always say excuse me if you need to pass. Disappointed, I headed over to Octagon (right in front of you) and got much better service and attention. Electroworld, which is beside you, gives much better service as well. Sayang, mabait pa naman your owners.
  • Another PC shop which I think needs to improve their customer service is a shop named after the seat of technology in California. It may not be an actual city, but it's where Mountain View is located and where a lot of new technologies were born. I wanted to check out a Compaq laptop in that shop and the salesman told me, "Naka-lock po eh." Isn't that why you have keys to open it? I'm not going to ran out of you shop with it. Hay nako.
Yes, it's really annoying. In the US you get automatically greeted by shop attendants when you enter a store, any kind of store. Sometimes it could get quite disconcerting, but eventually you get the hang of it and you just happily greet them back. Everybody there asks, "How are you today?" - even in the cafeteria pila.

Oh well, the quest for the best laptop continues. Have you ever experienced such atrocities? Forgive me for ranting :p


  1. I always experience bad CS in the Philippines specially in Banks and it's so frustrating. When I came to Doha, it's even worse that you'd think CS in the Phils is a lot better. It is also surprising to encounter staff who is not even aware of their own products and services and I'm not being exagge.

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Hay naku, CS in the Philippines is the best...the best among the worsts...I've had a lot of experiences before...the best among them....the sales clerks in the biggest chain of malls in Metro Manila...either they are so dumb or they are underpaid...

  3. Anonymous9:12 PM

    alam ko lahat yang establishments na yan. pareho rin tayo, kasama mama ko, ng naranasan.

    uh.. ive already made a scene in a restaurant and in a mall because the service was really poor. in the restaurant i got a free pizza. in the mall, well, i was served first.

    pero for some reason, ngayon, ayoko na. nakakapagod magalit. so either i blog or write a formal letter of complaint :D mas powerful pa.

  4. Unfortunatelty, some people seem to pre-judge one on appearance. Remember the story of the depositor from the province with the bayong full of money? I Buddha bless mo na lang :)

  5. I can't remember the name of it right now, but the only place I found really good customer service was at that SM in San Fernando, Papanga, at that hardware store. It was better than the CS at the freeport store on SBMa.

  6. These people have no clue they're talking to Miss Google Philippines!!! Hahaha.

  7. @nina & aczafra - they could be really quite sungit in other countries. It really depends on how management trains their people I guess.

    @lady cess - it's really so frustrating! I wonder if they're going to give me a laptop???

    @juned - they shouldn't judge people especially those who are just simple hmph hehe

    @rt - samahan mo ako sa pampanga? hehehe

    @markku - hehehe, google or not they should still treat people properly :p

  8. There is one place where customer service is pretty much inexistent.. and that is... in your neighborhood city hall/NSO/LTO (or any government "service" center for that matter). Sige, try niyo lang manghingi ng request at tingnan natin kung makuha niyo sa lalong mabilis na panahon (bawal ang lagay ha).

  9. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I notice these sale people don't mind me if I am dressed in my sports wear (tees and jogging pants). In fact they ignore me. But when I am dressed to the hilt, haay, they follow me like I'm a VIP.

  10. I'm in the US and you don't always get greeted at the door. In fact, the majority of the time, you don't unless you are at Walmart. That's because they specifically hire a person to greet everyone at the door.

    When I was in Paris, every shop I entered, I was greeted.

    I've lived in the Philippines for a year before and it was extremely frustrating to shop when everything is locked up in a counter. Worse, I get annoyed that I have to check in my purse at the door and carry my wallet around in the store. To me, that's an extreme inconvience!

  11. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I had an experience with a computer store with the same name as a space shuttle. Their technician somehow dropped my hard disk and destroyed it. The store owner refused to compensate me and wanted the technician to pay me personally instead (typical of you-know-what-nese businessmen). Of course, he couldn't. So I ended up buying new parts from them just to get it over with. I'm pissed off at them to this day!

  12. @christina - asa pa tayo right?

    @noemi - they do the same to me and right now I really dress up only when I have speaking engagements, so I basically don't get good service at all now coz I'm always in casual clothing.

    @joann - I'm lucky then coz all the shops I've been to had nice and helpful people. And... onli in da pilipins... :)

    @andrew - I wish they'd enforce the Consumer Act better here! One of the computer stores called me up and apologized over the incident. I told them I've been getting the same crappy service since they opened that shop two years ago and I never bought anything in their shop because of that.