Friday, July 27, 2007

I Love Bags

Ummm... it's my addiction, but I've managed to curb it in the past year because I don't have space anymore! I got crates (those huge plastic boxes) of bags in my closetS (in 3 rooms) much to my Mom's chagrin. Well, her fault since she made me into a bag lover and here's a photo of me as an "angel" when I was 5 (scanned this from our parish magazine)... notice the bag! LOL.

So, what's this with bags? Well, I got invited to a bag event - the launch of Timbuk2's Blogger Bag. And despite the fact that I was really exhausted (and about to dismantle), I went! Because it's a bag event!

Anyway, so the Blogger Bag was designed by a blogger, doesn't look like a laptop bag and there's quite a number of nooks and crannies in it (for all those gadgets). I especially like the fact that it has a special place for an Ipod (or any MP3 player) and that the bottom actually puts your laptop in a certain angle so that when the bag falls it doesn't hit the ground directly (something like that). And I also liked the Marina Computer Handbag (almost brought it home hehe).

I was in a daze already and wasn't able to take that many photos of blogger friends (and dragged along a best friend who was also invited) who were also there: Jay, Juned, Jayvee, Markku (who was our pretend birthday boy for the night), Sasha, Rico, The Macalua, Sharm, MarcVill, Gail, and Mike Abundo (I hope I didn't forget anyone).

But, here are some photos:

And I don't think I'm going to be able to sum up all the stuff that was said about Timbuk2 and the Blogger Bag, so check out their video:

And here's the TGIFriday's crew singing their birthday song for Markku:

Oh, and if you wanna get the bag, you can check it out at stores that sell Bratpacks.


  1. Good to see you there too, Aileen -- and good to hear Globe finally fixed your mobile broadband. :)

  2. @mike abundo - yup yup! I was ready to return it already, but I'm a happy customer again :)

  3. Anonymous2:11 AM

    hi, Lady BAG!

  4. Anonymous2:12 AM

    hi, BAG Lady!

  5. Kelangan talaga nasa youtube yung video??? Hehehe.

  6. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Timbuk2 bags from the outside looks plain and simple. It's the inside compartments that's really fascinating!! I bet your 12-inch MSI notebook would fit perfectly with the Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger.

    Hey, I got the hamster cage na! It's nice. Will give it back to you together with the hamsters when we meet again :)