Sunday, July 8, 2007

Changing Posts

Uh, I don't mean revising or taking down posts as two of my friends were arguing about. That's their business and I'm not one to waste my time arguing things. I believe in responsible posting (ya know, doing research before making such sweeping statements... Dr. Ned would give me a crack on my head if I did such a thing). `Nuff said.

So I'm cranky today. I have a fever and that's my grand excuse. Just bug off. :)

And back to my post...

Our street's usually empty. Everyday. I live in a village where people usually keep to themselves and I just usually bump into Mang Ben and Aling Inday who seem to be always all over the place anytime of the day (ergo, they love walking and walking).

But today was different. When I went out I was surprised to see quite a number of people outside looking up. A Meralco team was changing the post and this is how it looked before and after (notice the old one was cut in half). Too bad I didn't capture them on my cam turning the electricity on again (there's a huge switch there somewhere!).

This photo was done using Picasa.

So that was what I meant about changing posts. Hehehe.

And there's a big change happening too as well in the Apolo household. Miguel's finally moving to his room tonight! My Dad noticed that Miguel and I weren't doing anything about it and forced the issue over lunch. He did it for two reasons: (1) Miguel's a teenager already, and (2) My Dad said over lunch, "Wala na ata tayo pag-asa pang madagdagan ng apo dito kay Aileen." Egads!

Now you know why I suddenly had a fever. Hyperventilating...

Don't worry Dad, I'm introducing you to someone just a bit after my birthday. Winkwink.


  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

    yes, it's about time Miguel has his own. and get well soon, fever, jitters and all! am so excited with that special someone...

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    who? hint!
    when's you birthday?


  3. @sexymom - sniff sniff! well... kaya siguro ako nilagnat dahil... hihihi.

    @abby - secret!

  4. Fever ka dyan! Na stress ka siguro sa kaka isip? hmmm?

  5. sino kaya ipakikilala ????? ako kaya?

  6. @honey - hehehe... nawindang kamo!

    @leyteno - secret!

  7. Anonymous7:58 AM

    ang dami ng excited, sino ba talaga? hint naman!!! was he in the party last week? :-)


  8. Aileen!!! You mean... ?!? Yun na?