Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kidnapped by Enderun

I failed to answer Jayvee's ?????????? last night coz I was in a meeting.

Yes, I got kidnapped by Maui to meet Doy, MIS Manager of Enderun Colleges Inc. She knew that my schedule's pretty hectic and since I was free last night (actually I had 2 other standing invitations hehe), I consented since Manong Ephraim just had to drop us off at Emerald Avenue.

I was really exhausted from our trip to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, but I don't regret agreeing to get kidnapped. Why?

1. I found a great place where my nephew, Gabby, can study HRM. My really gwapo nephew (see photo below - Eat your heart out girls!!!), expressed to his Dad (my Kuya) that he wanted to put up a restaurant someday and he's been doing some service time at a fine dining restaurant (sorry not here in the Philippines!).

My talented nephew and niece, Gabby and Patricia.

2. They say the highest compliment for a server is to ask for his/her badge. Our server for the night was Rachel, a froshie who's just been serving for 4 weeks. I'd like to say that she was very warm, entertaining, charming and showed genuine passion for service. It reminded me of the chefs in Google who'd go around the cafeteria asking if we found the food okay. Precisely why I don't like eating at hotels and fine dining restaurants. Too stiff! I'm sure Enderun would churn out a whole new breed of passionate people who would change the industry altogether.

3. And Rachel gave us a little song from Broadway. Too bad I wasn't able to record her version of Narda. Such a great kid! I'm sure she will go places.

And, yup, I asked for her badge :)