Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Once upon a time, I was just a simple girl, with simple dreams.

I was known to be the "company nerd" because I wasn't known to shimmey up with people to get the latest tsismis, but they knew I wasn't a snob. I was just always busy. Buried in hordes of projects, meetings, campaigns, shoots, events, research studies, marketing plans, projections and sometimes they'd lock me in my little corner office to write copy. Thank God for the beautiful Manila Bay sunsets I'd get from my window.

I thought I had found the perfect job there, but deep down I felt I didn't fit. I had many friends. My staff loved me. But I knew, I was still searching for the perfect job.

One silly day, the simple nerdy girl got the job of her dreams. No, no scratch that. She didn't even dream about it. Not even in her wildest dreams. She just thought it'd be great to work there because it's a company that deals with data.

Yeah, nerdy. I know.

Anyway, eventually I had to find a way to get a feel of how people would "accept" me. So I tapped SEO Philippines founder Marc Macalua to test the waters. Little did they know, I was already lurking in their mailing list and then eventually Marc revealed who I was and the rest was history.

The SEOs are really quiet people I think and not all blog. I have many blogger friends, but I have quite a number of SEO friends as well. I also get to bug the SEO World Champion Benj Arriola once in a while and I found out that he could've been my chem professor back in college. I wonder, will Singapore's top SEO be better than Pinoy SEOs?

And so ends the little story about the simple nerdy girl who was searching for THE job and found it in the place where everyone finds what they are looking for.

And the next thing to search for...


  1. I was searching for my friend who wanted me too see the new health blog he started weeks ago with the same title as yours, and I got here. I guess the "apple-a-day" in your case does not refer to chasing the doctors away, right?

    Oh, well. Nice blog. Where do you work, btw? Yes that "dream job" is pretty elusive! I think it is difficult to find it because most of us are forever confused of what we really want to do in life. We take a long time thinking and before we know it, we have to give our answer. We take that blind leap, and pray we like our job. Sometimes though, our jobs do not like us.

  2. @dr. emer - thanks po for your comments!

    an apple a day, yup it doesn't refer to that doctor's saying... it's about getting a dose of me everyday (well almost) coz my nickname back in high school was apple hehehe.

    i work po for google hehe :)