Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have Found Happiness

A few months ago I watched the big-hit Cinemalaya film "Saan Nagtatago si Happiness" which was co-produced by the person behind the title of this blog (it's a loooong story) - Rica Arevalo with her twin Raquel. Theme song of the movie was also done by my blockmate and good friend, Chi (also known as "Ces") Datu. I can still hear the thumpa-thumpa of the theme song at the back of my mind. I should remember to get copies of the films so I can share it with my colleagues. (Calling Raquel... calling Raquel.)

I've missed a lot of the Cinemalaya films, even got a free pass before (since my event agency handled it previously), but... but... Anyway! It's Cinemalaya time once again and my dear friend and former colleague, Gibbs Cadiz, is holding a contest for the best Cinemalaya blogger!

What to do... what to do... Head on over to Gibbs' blog and check out the contest details. I read that the prize involves shopping money! Woohoo! Thank God I'm not a judge and I can actually join the contest! Erp... I'll be traveling too Gibbs, uh-oh. Anyways, go ahead! Watch and join the contest at tangkilikin ang pelikulang Pilipino!

P.S. And, yes, I am very happy :)

*at tangkilikin ang pelikulang Pilipino - watch Philippine movies


  1. hi aileen, maraming salamat for the mention! hmmm, WHO is this happiness you've found? kwento! :)

  2. Hi Aileen
    "Saan Nagtatago si Happiness?" is now available locally in DVDs & VCDs. For Pinoys abroad, it is available in
    Thanks for the support.