Sunday, July 15, 2007

Is Green my New Pink?


You might have noticed I did a bit of housecleaning on An Apple a Day. Do you like the new color? I thought the last theme I used was a tad bit too dark. The online housecleaning (true as well for some of my other blogs) is in conjunction with messing with the furniture here in my basement. Miguel moved out of my room a week ago, so I decided to move his bed out of my room as well. Of course, I had to move around a lot of stuff to accommodate the bed in my study room.

I've had a busy weekend despite being stuck at home. I missed out on the BOB G last night coz I thought I'd be a good daughter and stay home (Dad was a bit cranky last night hehe). Friday night's gimmick at Taste Asia was more than enough excitement for me and I picked up a lot of stuff from the indomitable Mr. Herbert Sy (Director, SM Group of Companies). And these are some things I learned from another great mind:

1. Don't break discipline.
2. If it doesn't work the first time, go at it again. (On relationships and marriage.)
3. Don't ever change your lifestyle especially when you are moving up.
4. Take care of others even if you don't have to. Don't look at it as an obligation.
5. Love you country.

And one thing he made me ponder on the whole weekend is,

"Everyone wants to have power. To become leaders. Not everyone can and not everyone can handle it well. To be an effective leader you have to know what is that one thing that you have that others don't. Something that they cannot ever get."

Now I don't wonder anymore why SM has been very successful in their endeavors. At Taste Asia you would notice that the meat, poultry and seafood they sell are all in special refrigerators. Why? "Because I will not sell something I won't eat," said Mr. Sy. Would you buy food that has flies all over it? See? Even those tiny details, they take care of at SM Hypermarket and the Taste Asia crew are definitely great servers. Did you know you can close off spaces there for parties? All you need to pay for is the food, you get the venue and videoke free! (See what I ate at Lakwatsera Ako).

Bottomless food and drinks at Taste Asia. Here are some
new friends from San Miguel Corp., Unilever and SM.

Sorry, I cannot help but gush over it.

Saturday passed and I had soot all over me. Sunday was our usual Miguel and Mom day, and good thing I remembered to bring the SM Cares-Unilever recyclable bag. Get one for every PhP500 purchase of Unilever products. Here's my Mom modeling it:

I wish we had more SM Care bags!

So, is green my new pink? Nah. It was just inspired by the fact that I wanted a green apple on my header and my green study room (it looks a whole lot like a Greenwich store, my best friend's fault). Who knows, I might get fickle and change it to red next week? LOL.

Miguel and I goofing off for a photo.


  1. Uy, bagong bihis. :)

  2. nice color miss aileen. i like it.

  3. @ederic - ehehehe, bored eh.

    @batang yagit - many thanks! lamig sa mata noh?

  4. Now we can really call your blog "An Apple a Day" :D

  5. @hoop - hehehe... oh i forgot to add up the explanation on why it's "an apple a day"!

  6. great blog aileen! indeed, itz really an apple-"green apple a day!"hehehe

  7. @life in cebu - many thanks! hehehee :)

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  9. Great blog! I like the article about SM particularly the principles of Herbert Sy on leadership and lifestyle.

    You look beautiful in your pictures.