Saturday, July 7, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

I'm experiencing bloggers block (writers, schwriters block, whatever). Too inspired I guess, heh. Nah.

I've been wanting to blog for the past few days, but I've just been updating my post on Taste Asia - over 70 posts as of now! Wow!

Anyway, so much stuff on my mind right now and just let me ramble on...

1. SM Hypermarket Blog Writing Contest

I have to admit, I'm a SM kid. I'm also "Laking National Bookstore". And if I were to join the contest I have a lot of great experiences I'd share about SM Hypermarket and how it has absolutely provided for all the birthday parties I've held for Miguel in the last five years or so. Sigh, so much for winning that trip to Kuala Lumpur! I could've visited my colleague, Hanson, there. Oh well, you should join!

2. SM Hypermarket Cares

Before I left the event last Tuesday evening, Ms. Julie gave me this bag -

She said it's from Mr. Herbert Sy and asked if I knew about the recycling project called "SM Hypermarket Cares". I did notice the bag when I did some grocery shopping for Miguel's snacks and I did wonder what it was for. Anyway, it's basically where you get a free recyclable bag for every PhP500 worth of purchases and then whenever you use it when you go grocery shopping, you'll get extra points in your SM Advantage card. I think this project's very helpful! I just hope my Mom remembers to bring the bag whenever she does her groceries.

3. Cafe Las Paellas, BF Homes

My second Mom, Titay (my Mom's sister) insisted that we eat out today. I've been hibernating since Taste Asia and they've been pushing me out the door the past few days. Uh, Mom? Titay? I'm like swamped with work and I was like out of town for a week! I don't think they missed me, heh.

So, after picking up Miguel from school, and my Dad still had a vise-like grip on the door-handle coz I was driving, we proceeded to the resto row in BF Homes and found this charming cafe - Cafe Las Paellas. We were greeted at the door by the waiter in Spanish and since my parents and Tita came from that era where everyone had to know how to speak Spanish, they conversed with the waiter in Spanish. What was funny though, even if you spoke to him in Filipino, he'd answer back in Spanish. I thought it was cute though that he'd answer me with "Si senorita."

The place was cozy. I wasn't that hungry (I'm on auto-diet!), so I just had a few bits and pieces of stuff. Food was okay, nothing great and my Dad's cooking is still waaaay better.

I still have bloggers block and have so much blog backlog... it took me more than 4 hours just to finish this post! Gah!

... mahirap talaga masyadong inspired. Hihihihi.


  1. Ackk!... I've been dying to get a picture of that SM recyclable bag... can I use your picture for my blog?


  2. @hoop - talaga? I blogged about it and then forgot to bring it to the grocery today haha. Sure! You can use it! :)