Monday, July 16, 2007

The "We" T-Shirt

Last night a friend of mine dropped a bombshell on us. She and her long-time boyfriend are splitting up. After fighting so hard for each other, they were calling it quits... well save for a last ditch effort they're going to do soon. Sigh, I do get stressed a lot over these things - it's easier to make a business plan!

After getting over the shock (coz we all thought everything was okay and lovey-dovey), she told a story about a friend who got proposed to at the Eiffel Tower. What was interesting about it was the guy came up with a customized shirt for the two of them with this:

Will You Marry Me? (in all the languages of the countries they toured in Europe)
Yes (also in all the languages of the countries they visited)

Egads. Ain't that really, really sweet? I wonder if my friends who are planning to get married would top that proposal?

Going back to my friend, she asked me to come up with some "We" t-shirt tags and this is for her:

He's got the hots for me.
She's got the hots for me.

He's sexy for me. (or use your TOE "My baby's sexy for me.)
She's sexy for me.

He makes me miss him.
She makes me miss her.

Will you be mine?
Yes, I'll be yours.

He's mine.
She's mine.

My lover boy.
My lover girl.

He loves me.
She loves me.

Can't live without him.
Can't live without her.

He lives for me.
She lives for me.

Forever is with him.
Forever is with her.

Argh! How'd I become so cheesy? Oh well... what do you think? Any ideas?

*Photo by my stylist-friend Sasha Manuel.


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    many many years ago, a friend told me there were tshirts being sold at benetton. one shirt had the print "together" and another shirt had "forever." she wanted to buy one for her and her bf, but for some reason she never got around to buying it. mabuti na lang hindi natuloy kasi hindi naman sila nagkatuluyan.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    ey mare! your 1st suggestions fits us well... hopefully ordering those shirts would be the key to bring back the color in our "gray" relationship right now...

  3. @lady cess - if they bought the shirt, it would probably have ended up as rags haha

    @friendly neighbor - I'm sure it will work... OR you can do this -

    "Let's do forever baby."
    "Forever and ever."

    Oh well, sorry, can't help but be cheesy. I hope you guys fix it up. :)

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    basta i like your yellow shirt yesterday--what did it say? proud to be filipino!

  5. The shrit messages are so romantic. Sana lang I'll soon find the guy who'll wear it with me.. shucks.. =)

  6. How about....

    What HEAVEN on Earth means

    arrows pointing to partner on each shirt

  7. How about....

    What HEAVEN on Earth means

    arrows pointing to partner on each shirt

  8. I once saw Korean honeymooners in Cebu with identical t shirts .The girl wears "just" tshirt and guy wears "married" tshirt. Others have funny t shirts like "Just" then boy "Had Sex"

    Cool and funny ha

  9. break ups are draining.