Monday, February 25, 2008

An Apple a Day on Blog-o-Rama

Something to be giddy about...

I'm the featured blogger on Annalyn Jusay's Blog-o-Rama column today (February 25,2008), so go grab a copy of Manila Bulletin. Aside from the usual "why do you blog" questions I also answered an interesting, unique query on "Should you date a blogger?" (LOL)... well, should you?

I'll scan and upload a copy later today when my Mom finishes sweeping copies up from all the nearby suking tindahans.

Thanks to Sweetie for fixing up my header. That was a candid shot while I was blogging and he just surprised me with a new header a week after, sure beats the madre look I had in the previous one.


Managed to swipe a copy from my Mom. My Dad said he'll post a copy in the bulletin board in his office... arrrgggh! You can view the article here or here.