Friday, July 5, 2024

Received a Gift: Vintage Talking Yoda

I was ecstatic when a friend told me he was going to give his "talking Yoda" to me! I shared a photo of my Yoda collection and he thought it was best to give me his Yoda. Of course, I gladly accepted the gift and he sent it yesterday. 

He said his father had shrink wrapped all his toys when he worked abroad. The figure he sent was still wrapped in plastic and was attached to a part its original box. The toy traveled from another city and arrived boxed and protected by an air bubble. 

I was so excited, I quickly unwrapped it. I had to be careful removing the plastic wrap since parts of it stuck on the figure. I also freed it from being shackled to the box. My friend said he never removed it and the original batteries were still inside. After removing the wrapping, I wiped Yoda with a cotton ball. I didn't scrub him since I was afraid I might wipe off parts of the figure. I also removed his robe and washed it. 

After cleaning him up, I passed on Yoda to Sweetie. We wanted to check if it still works. Talking Yoda figures tend to have a complicated battery system. You need a screwdriver to open it up. This figure had the battery by its feet. The batteries were already corroded, but the contact points are still intact. Unfortunately, we didn't have any C batteries on hand, so I have to wait for it to be delivered. 

My friend jokingly told me that Yoda walks around at night. I told him, I'll lock him up in the display cabinet with his compatriots. Haha. I did just that. This Yoda talking doll actually looks better than the one I bought in a Disney store in San Francisco which was all plastic. This Yoda has real clothes and looks more realistic. I hope the batteries arrive soon! Crossing my fingers it still works.

Thank you again Redge, you made the collector in me so happy!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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