Thursday, December 7, 2023

That One Time I Won a Raffle

Unlike my Dad, I rarely get lucky and win raffle prizes. I still don't. I thought about it because a friend shared 8List's post about what you'll win from a raffle based on your birth sign (see here). For my birth sign it said I won't get anything. Very typical I said to myself. 

Then I remembered that one time I won the grand prize of a raffle. It happened 20 years ago at the Ad Congress in Baguio City. While eating lunch, Tessa Prieto and Tim Yap hosted the show. In between performances they would announce raffle winners. I was honestly not really paying attention since I never get chosen anyway. 

Taken moments after I won!

That day was different, I won the grand prize. My bosses back then had to tell me to stand up and claim my prize! I was so shocked I ended up saying thank you and then promoting the yellow pages when I was interviewed onstage. They had to wrangle the microphone from me, hahaha. 

The prize money changed my life. TBH, at that time I didn't really have any savings. I was earning enough to send Miggy to school and cover daily expenses. We were lucky because we still lived with my parents at that time. I was asked where I would use the money. I said I'd use it for Miggy. 

I kept it as savings for a few months and then decided to renovate our basement. Miggy and I moved downstairs since it was cooler. It was our way of living semi-independently since my parents did not want us to move out. Of course, we still ate with Mom and Dad, haha. 

My Ninong Billy :)

The prize also allowed me to learn how to manage my finances better. I only used part of the money to fix the basement. I kept the rest as my emergency fund. Since then I made sure to live within my means and paid any credit card purchases in full when it was due. Looking back, I wish I had invested some of the money in stocks! Haha.

One time, big time wins can certainly change your life :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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