Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Do What Makes You Happy

I haven't been blogging that much since I've been afflicted with invisible illness. I look physically okay, but my insides have been going bonkers. It's not been easy to resolve since the issues are more mechanical, not really something that's easy to fix with medication. It's not been easy for me, I have to give myself pep talks every day.

Yesterday a friend reached out to check on me. She remembered that I had gone through a procedure last Friday. She probably wondered why I was so quiet on social media the last few days. I told her I was unwell and had to go home from work. I thought I could already manage, but ended up limping all over the place and was very tired for a short amount of time. My day brightened up when my friend pinged me. She acknowledged my pain and just reminded me to do something that made me happy.

Something lit in my mind when she said that. I know I keep telling friends to look up when they feel anxious about something, but I forgot to do it for myself. After having our brief chat I kept telling myself, "Do something that makes you happy." I realized that my work makes me happy and I ended up doing as much as I could yesterday. Finished with work I started to think about a special project I want to do for friends who are getting married soon.

I thought I'd write this quick post to thank my friend who gave me a timely reminder. It pulled me away from the abyss I was falling into again after the medical mishaps I've been going through again. I was supercharged today and barely took a break (which is bad I know!) because I was so busy. I'm going to get some rest now and think happy thoughts. 

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