Monday, July 18, 2016

Live for Love

This year has been hard on my family. We lost Titay, Tita Ming and Kuya Ronnie last week and my favorite uncles (Tito Tony, Tito Mon, Tito Ben) and my Dad in the last 5 years. Our family is quite small so the loss has really been significant.

My Dad though left us a very good understanding of losing a loved one. He said that we should be happy because when they leave it means their mission has been completed. The priest who gave the last blessings for my Dad said that we should rejoice because Jesus had been there when my Dad passed away. He was welcomed immediately in heaven.

I'm still sad over losing my Dad and it's been five and a half years already. I still cry, but I hold on to his message that someday we'll be together again. I dreamt last weekend that I was having breakfast with him and my Mom. It was a reminder for me to be happy and live for love.

It's always said as well that God only gives you challenges that you can bear. And that's something I try to remember when challenges come. I pray that I will have the strength to face all the challenges that life brings. Please pray for my family and especially my Ate Tess.

Live for love. 

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