Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dealing with Stress the Aileen Way

My doctor said that stress will always be there and I think I've managed to handle it quite well. There are days though when it overshoots the limit. When that happens everything is overwhelming and I become unproductive.

This is what I do:

1. Magpahangin which means get some fresh air. But since we usually have haze in Singapore what it means to me is to run to the nearest Toastbox to get a glass of iced teh c (iced milk tea).

2. Window shopping or go to the grocery. Nothing like getting distracted by retail therapy (this is why I have a weekly allowance to buy 3-5 items at Daiso).

3. TFC/DVD! If reality is a bit of a mess, it helps to get lost in another world and watch other characters get more stressed (it's usually worse than what you are going through anyway).

4. Color your world. I got several coloring books on my last birthday. Or you can bake colorful cake! They're a good stress buster.

5. Be creative! To get my mind off things I quilt. Concentrating on not getting pricked by the needle absolutely helps.

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