Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thoughts on "The Trial"

I have been feeling under the weather the last 2 weekends but I insisted that we go out and watch "The Trial". I even bought tickets ahead of time so the boys wouldn't back out (haha!). They both didn't have a clue what the movie was about, but I knew that it was a heavy drama (so I brought a lot of tissue!).

"The Trial" is one of the most intense films I've watched. The topics at hand were pretty heavy - developmentally challenged adults, rape, unconventional family, divorce, death etc. The story was beautifully crafted. Sweetie said that he noticed no one got up to step out during the movie (2 hours+!). Each scene unfolded a part of the story and you really need to pay attention to each segment because it ties up to something else in the story. There was no wasted minute in the whole film. I also liked the fact that the plot was unpredictable.

The actors in the film played their roles superbly and consistently. Each character was well thought-out and each of the actors were given a chance to show the depth of the role they were playing. They all made the pain they were going through felt (that's why you should bring a pack of tissues when you watch).

"The Trial" is a must watch movie. Be warned though, the light moments interspersed isn't really enough to erase the pain that each character shares in the movie. You'll be crying long after you watch the film.

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