Thursday, February 2, 2012

Surviving -6°C

Zurich, Switzerland

The first thing I did when I found out that I was going to Zurich was check the weather forecast. I was mollified when I found out that temperatures go below zero and this week was supposed to go as low as -3°. I sought the advise of my sister and friends who's had winter experience. I didn't have any winter clothing so it was a great excuse to go shopping! My brother-in-law said, "Layer as much as you can."

My cold weather experience is quite limited -- US, Japan and Hongkong and it was cold. I remember when I was a kid I kept complaining to my Mom about how cold it was in Chicago. I hate feeling cold and this is oftentimes something that Sweetie and I struggle on (aircon temp can't go below 23°C). Anyway, my housemate just came from London and she said that it wasn't so bad. Just make sure to bundle up.

When I arrived in Zurich last Monday the temperature was 0°C. It wasn't so bad. I even enjoyed the walk to the office. In the evening though I was surprised to find out that it was snowing outside! Tiny snow flakes were falling fast like a gentle rainshower. It clung to my coat but it didn't feel cold. I even got to taste it! It was sweet, haha. It felt like it was Christmas!

The next day the air was colder (-3°C) and there was snow everywhere. My colleagues said that it hadn't been snowing in the past few weeks so this was a surprise. They warned though that it was going to get colder and today I got to experience -6°C (I'm hoping it won't go any further down!). I must say that it was truly a struggle for me to get to work. I was just really thankful that I managed to fling myself inside our building just before I could turn into a popsicle!

This week has so far been a new experience for me. Acclimating to this kind of weather is pretty hard for someone who grew up in a tropical country. Whatever Siberian wind I got to experience back home is nothing compared to the Siberian wind blowing towards Zurich. I wouldn't dare go out without proper winter clothing. I'm pretty sure I would turn into a popsicle if I do.

I still have about 36 hours left in this lovely city. I hope I get to see more of it before I leave. I hope the sun would come out though tomorrow! (And I need to eat RICE!!!).

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