Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday I moved to a new flat. A colleague of mine advised me that I should just get a room instead of renting an apartment for myself. During that time I was still unsure about moving and prayed that if I was really going to move that I would be able to stay with one of my friends. My prayer was answered because two of my close friends offered me a place to stay! All I needed to do was to choose. So I took that as a sign that I was heading the right direction. 

Today I celebrate my third month of being far away from home. Three months ago I packed a bag and asked Sweetie to help me move to Singapore. I'm lucky because I've managed to come home monthly, but being far away from home is one of the hardest challenges I've faced in my life. We cope by keeping in touch all day through Gtalk and through Google Hangouts in the evenings (and it's free!!!). What I miss most though is the daily hugs I get from my boys.

Tomorrow I go back to work with renewed vigor and I'm pretty excited about what I will be doing in the next few months. I'm going home to Manila in a few days for some work and for my Dad's one year death anniversary. It seems just like yesterday that he had gone to heaven, but I know he's just always there for me (walang kilitian Dad ha!).

And, of course, be a star!


  1. Hi Ms. Aileen! I'm a fan! I'm also here in SG for work.. Minsan nga I was thinking sana masalubong kita, magpapapicture talaga ko! :D


  2. @Maudey thank you for dropping by my blog. Are you a developer (or even if you're not)? If yes, then you may want to join GTUG Philippines - SG chapter. We usually hangout every so often :)