Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BlogFest Soccsksargen, Experiencing the Funnest Bloggers in Mindanao

It seems just like yesterday when I joined DigitalFilipino's Women in Web, Wireless and Outsourcing roadshow in 2006. It was a trip where we went to Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Cebu to talk about what businesses could do on the internet. It was during that trip that I met with the Davao internet community, organized by Andrew. I was still finding my way around my job back then so I just made a suggestion that they come together as a community. They did and that community has grown throughout Mindanao.

I'm really happy that the local internet community in Mindanao thrived and flourished and I try to come and attend their events whenever they send me an invitation. And this year I was invited again to speak at the BlogFest Soccskargen. I thought I would not be able to go in person and was just planning to join them via Google Hangout, so I surprised them and told Avel that I was flying in.

True enough, the Sox Bloggers, known to be the funnest bloggers in Mindanao, put together 2 awesome events. BlogFest Soccskargen had a line-up of bigatin speakers. I hope I was able to convey a couple of opportunities for the Mindanao bloggers through my talk.

In the evening, I got to attend the Philippine Blog Awards - Mindanao leg. The ceremonies outside of the awards night in Manila are usually straightforward. We all got a big surprise though when Donna, the host, introduced each award category in the most fashionable and entertaining manner. Everyone in the room was laughing and I must say that the fatigue I was feeling was wiped away (I was already up at 3 in the morning so I could make it to the 5 am flight).

Well, I'd like to make a correction to the Sox Bloggers slogan (if I may) because they are the funnest bloggers in the Philippines!

Congratulations Sox Bloggers, especially to Avel and Orman, for another very successful event!  (I hope someone would upload Donna's fabulous performance!).


  1. I miss them! Never a dull moment when you're with the SOCCSKARGEN bloggers. Sayang i missed the event pati yung sa Cebu leg.

  2. @Micamyx bakit nga ba wala ka?

  3. thank you aileen for appreciating what we've prepared for PBA-Mindanao... I really had fun doing my Anne Hathaway-Curtis oscars theme stint LOL... Laurence (aka Gensanboy) has the videos he promised to upload it soon... excitedness!!! hehehehe

    and I learned a lot (as always) from your talk too... didn't know i can monetize my youtube channel... tnx

  4. @Envy Me Salon it was really entertaining! Now the PBA folks are pressured for the nationals! Haha. It was great seeing you again Donna and I love your hair! :)

  5. It was great having you around once more, Aileen, and I am so glad that this time, I had a picture with you! Thanks so much for visiting Gensan!

  6. @Sheng I'm glad there's Plurk so we can keep in touch! I have been following your updates and I salute you for the good work you do in government (in DOLE pa at that!). Hope to see you soon again :)

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