Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Day I Cooked Adobo

While I was washing the dishes after dinner Sweetie stood behind me and with a hug said, "Wow! My wife has been domesticated!" I laughed out loud and Sweetie asked, "At bakit ka naman tumatawa?" I told him that if my Kuya heard what he just said he'll probably faint and Anne would probably declare, "The sky must be falling!"

A few years ago when my brother asked me what I wanted to be years from now I told him, "I want to be a housewife!" My Kuya promptly laughed and said that it was impossible. He went on to say that I was too focused on my career and that managing a household would probably drive me crazy.

Save for the cooking classes we had in high school I never bothered to learn how to cook. I was a good student though so I learned most of the cooking theories. I always got myself assigned as the marketer and dishwasher back in high school because I was so scared of the kalan. At home someone always did the cooking and Miguel would complain whenever I fried bacon for him, so any cooking duties I had were done by someone else.

After more than two weeks surviving on leftovers taken from all the family parties we had and canned goods I knew I had no choice but to cook something. Drew suggested I start with some basic dishes like adobo and sinigang, so a few days ago I started to do some research about how to cook adobo. I started off by watching this video by Komikero -

Bought a couple of recipe books. Bought the ingredients and then as instructed by Komikero marinated the meat last night. An hour before cooking Anne coached me a bit and told me I can do it and there were loads of advise as well from Plurk. Just before I started cooking I panicked and called up my Mom to ask Dad some important cooking questions.

So I dumped everything in the pot and waited and waited and waited. Followed Ria's and my Dad's advise to add some sugar and waited till the meat was tender. Was it yummy? Ask Sweetie :)

Photos of how it went is at our Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal blog.


  1. Adobo is one of my favorites. But i used to cook it without some sugar. that's how we cook it in Cebu.

    But sugar or without sugar, adobo still tastes good. so i'm sure you cooked a delicious adobo that night.

    nice day!

  2. My favorite too. Mas masarap pag CPA - Chicken Pork Adobo.

  3. Adobo is surely a staple for great family meals. another great variant is the adobong kawali which is definitely a hit here in cebu. cheers always!