Saturday, February 21, 2009

Summer is Here!

The sweltering heat the past week (despite some rains) tells me that summer has arrived earlier than usual. Arggghh! And I'm trying to cool myself down so I can write this post. 

Summer for me means wearing the most comfortable heat-repelling clothes and footwear and I jumped at the chance to attend and invite friends to Ipanema's launch of their campaign called "Road to 2020", a project to promote reforestation of rain forests with Haribon Foundation. We can actually help in getting the temperature back down if we plant and grow native trees. 

You might want to join the walkathon:

Walk the Green Mile Walkathon
March 21, 2009, Saturday
Parking lot near Le Souffle
Registration starts at 3pm
Walkathon starts at 5 p.m.

There's prizes to win if you join! So join na! (For more info please call Ms. Maricel Mabalot at 02-753-3647 local 103 or email cel.mabalot @

Anyway, I had a blast during the launch at Le Souffle the other night since I got to see and chat with a good number of my blogger friends - Az, Tita Dine, Fritz, Mommy Jane, Juned, Lace, Marc, GailAda, AJ, Janette, Eric, Hana, Markku, Jayvee, Mica, Winston, Sweetie, LadyCess and many more... only Jehz did not go since he was asleep, as usual (harumph)! (And no, blogger A and B aren't an item).

We were treated to a sumptuous dinner, too bad I have so many allergies so I wasn't able to taste a good number of the dishes prepared! The show performed by the Philippines Ballet Theater was totally something new and I noticed my friends watching in awe. A rare treat indeed! 

Heartfelt thanks to all my friends who went and M2.0 Communications (Doy, Cecille, Shyla etc.), ELRO Commerical and Industrial Corporation for extending their invitation to bloggers and my high school buddies, Rica and Raquel, for dragging me into this (LOLz).  

More about the Ipanema event:


  1. Baket si Marc may link sa blog entry mo ako wala? Hmpf :P

  2. @gail Sorry, I was a bit cross eyed when I was doing my post :D

  3. Hey aileen!

    I want all the flip-flops, I swear heehee :)

    Here are my personal picks from the collection:


  4. Thanks for extending the invite. :) The original post is here:

    I loved the event! Sosyal!

  5. I'm the biggest fan of Ipanema. They range from AU$29.00 to $59.00 here....OML!!! Ang mura lang daw dyan. Di bale, sa December, mamamakyaw ka ba ng Ipanema Aileen?

  6. @falcon116 no sorry I'm not a dealer of Ipanema.

  7. Hi Aileen! a late post is late LOL