Thursday, March 27, 2008

Handog Pangkabuhayan Text Scam

Congratulations! Ur sim. no. had won (P650,000) thru electronic raffle draw fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas "Handog Pangkabuhayan"! to claim ur prize.! call me now!! i'm atty. Rex C. Mendez frm.BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2008.

Sent by +63-915-7810115

Goodness! I really do abhor these text scammers! I've received quite a number of these, but today it was my Mom who received the message. I told her to ignore it, but she was curious and actually called up the so-called Atty. Mendez.

Hataw mambola!

He first explained that the BSP is celebrating an occasion and PGMA was giving away money. They got numbers from NTC and rafflled it off - one winner each for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. And then he asked the name of the owner of the mobile phone (that's me! my Mom's using one of my phones) and proceeded to request for my account number. They will just deposit the money and no need to show up.

You wish!

I was appalled. This so-called Atty. Mendez was a smooth talker. If my Mom did not know any better she would've probably given an account number and they would've probably found a way to get money from the account. Good thing though Globe sends reminder messages about these meanies once in a while.

Now let's deconstruct the message -

Congratulations! Ur sim. no. had won (P650,000) thru electronic raffle draw
- If it was an eletronic raffle how come you did not define my number in your message? You said that you got listings from NTC, how come you asked for the name of the owner of the mobile phone? You also claim to award winners from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, how do you actually determine that the mobile phone owner is from LuzVi or Min? You obviously just sent it to random numbers.

fr: PGMA charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas "Handog Pangkabuhayan"!
- You said that it was for the anniversary of BSP, what does a charity foundation have to do with it? It's just all so strange.

to claim ur prize.! call me now!! i'm atty. Rex C. Mendez frm.BSP info. Dpt Per-DTI#3920 series of 2008.
- I used to handle promos for my previous job and it just doesn't work this way dude. Plus, I do not think esteemed lawyers would risk their good name for a promo. It so doesn't sound prudent. DTI is also very strict with requirements when you apply for a permit for a promo. My ad agency had to go back several times to DTI just to obtain the permit. And I find it strange that a government agency would use a DTI permit number (check the requirements and go figure). I hope DTI publishes approved permits on their website so consumers can check easily (I tried checking but couldn't find it).

Sent by +63-915-7810115
- And mister, promos do not go by ordinary mobile phone numbers. Telcos normally provide 3 to 4 digit numbers for this and you have to work with a mobile content provider to have this.

Just. Get. Lost. I hope the authorities find you and jail you for doing this to your fellow Filipinos.

I am ANNOYED. Text scammers! Boooo!!!


  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    hay naku, i receive such messages from time to time too. iba-ibang "gov't agencies" din. people behind this just won't stop, despite the warnings issued by telecom companies. siguro kasi marami pa ring kumakagat :(

  2. Aileen, maybe you can try calling that number and say some good few words, if there is a person that will even pick up.. :)

  3. I would receive similar TEXT scam at least twice in every quarter. Similar format. Most of the time, I would just delete it, but at times pinapatulan ko na.. I'd reply and say .. Atty, you can claim the prize in behalf of me, iyo na lang po. Padalhan kita ng authorization.

  4. an eye for an eye.. ang mga nabibiktima nyan ay yung mga matakaw sa pera hehe..
    but then again, we can't blame some or many Filipinos for falling into that kind of scam. Considering the state of more than half the population, who wouldn't want instant free money, right?

  5. @lady cess - I just got another message from another scammer a while ago. Hahay! Annoying!

    @Jian - I must've scared him off already. haha.

    @Raffy - haha, that's funny. Ako tinakot ko, sabi ko "Bug off I'm reporting you now na!"

    @Lainee - nakakainis eh noh? Pinoy sila nanloloko ng kapwa nila. So bad!!!

  6. The sad thing is more Filipinos believe these scammers whether through text, emails, phones, and even personal. These scammers are everywhere - the pyramiding, networking, the Balajadias, free stuff, real estate, etc.

    Communicating tp or threatening the scammers wouldn't do any good. They love it more if you are annoyed. Just ignore them.

  7. Anonymous12:03 PM

    dami na talgang scammers now, grabe!
    ms. aileen, how do i report a mirror site (illegal) to Google?

    thanks & regards to jay.

  8. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Meron di sa email niyan, in million dollars pa aka Nigerian Scam.

    Ingat nalang!

  9. Anonymous11:00 AM

    hahaha funny! Mark as spam na lang kung sa email pa!

  10. All these are scam, if we believe, then the outcome is opposite, they become winner and we become victim.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Anonymous6:32 PM

    i got 20 spams today! gudness lahat akoy nanalo sa lotto! buti sana mag katoto.

  12. i've never received such things... buti na lang... hehehe...

  13. i've gotten several texts like this! hay naku! just ignore..tama nga.

    every member of my family got something like this too but no one actually called to check or to call just for the heck of it.

    sometimes they use really big company names so that people would actually fall into it.


  14. wow cool... next time tawagan ko na rin. Dati, when I receive messages of this sort I would simply reply that I could report them to the NBI and NTC just to scare them . Siguro next time dapat totohanin ko na rin yung pag report.

  15. Kapag nakakatanggap ako ng ganyan, tinatawagan ko saka minumura ko!

  16. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Grabe!! kakatanggap lng ng nanay q niang txt na yan ni A.K.A. Atty. Rex Mendez...naisip agad nmin n baka syndicate lng yan pero tinry n dn namin tawagan kahit sandali..tapos nung humingi na xa ng personal information (name, address...) dun n tlga kmi naghinala kaya nagsearch kmi agad s internet, una s site ng BSP at mrmi nga dung Warning about text scams, tpos nakita q itong site na to..buti n lng..thank u so much Aileen Apolo!!!

  17. Anonymous11:34 AM

    this day... april 9... curse them all
    e2 number nya.
    humihingi ng 3smart 300prepaid load
    plus 2globe 300load......
    buset xa,,,,,,
    sana maputulan ng dalire i2ng nagtxt na 2
    from vlad

  18. kakatangap ko lang ng kaparehong text,nanalo daw and sin # ko ng 3rd place sa pangkabuhayan ni PGMA pero galing naman sa isang Sec. Reyho D Baldes # 09082928723, sana kunin ka na ni Lord.

  19. well, i am an ofw,got a roaming number, actually, i received it first time, just this morning, i told myself if this is true, then what is the use of me working here. but i told myself no, coz, got one of my colleagues scammed by this, he even sent money just to claim his prize, but i got curious, so i surf for the "handog kababayan" of our lady president, and it directed to this site,,, maybe our telephone companies, should start triangulating all this scammers and for once, jail them for doing such as this things.
    by the way, here's his number, +639072240349,
    his name is Mr. Virgelio M. Tan, he even spell his name incorrect aware of him, he's a dangerous man, :D

  20. well, got up this morning and i read my messages on my roaming, received the same text message from a so called Mr. Virgelio Tan from BSP, +639072240349, i won a lot of money from PGMA charity foundation, i smile and say, if this is true, then i will no longer go out of our country and work myself to death, but i smile, and surf the net and it directed me through this site.... thanks for your great help and reminder Ms. Aileen Apolo... keep up the good work... one more thing, maybe our telco providers should start triangulating and locating all of these scammers and jail them. they are the desperate people trying to bull somebody....
    di ko sasabihing kunin na sya ni lord, kasi la syang puwang sa langit eh....sana habaan pa ng konti ang buhay nya para makapagbago pa sya at magkaroon sya ng lugar sa langit. if not.....,,,?? i am pretty sure, he has a lot of space, place and chair in the underworld....:D

  21. aq din 2tyms aq tinex na na2lo daw aq.d pareho ung date ng rafle draw kya ngtaka kmi tpos humuhngi pa ng 10 load,hay grabe ang tindi ng mukha dna nahya.tinakot q din cla cnavi q na kng pde iclaim q ung prize na ksma c mike enriquez o c tulfo den ayun dna ngtex khgt kelan.basta don't beliv dem.from an ofw also.sna mahuli na cla ng wla ng manlo2q pa.kawa2 nman ung iba.

  22. I got the same message today. Mga bastos mga ito!

  23. i got the same message that i won a handog pangkabuhayan..the number is 09129351018and it says it was drawn last dec 2...i replied this text message like this" ok u claim it then hati tayo"

  24. i just got a message almost exactly like this... although mine was better... i won 950, 000 hahaha... sana tutuo... its obviously fraud coz of the mobile number their using... eto namang sa akin... si Atty. Patricia A Tan daw xa.. hmp...

    What the hell...

  25. hector said,
    i've got a message same lke this....pero di ako sigurado kasi kung panalo talaga ako. sila mism ang tatawag. nagbakasakali lang ako, alam kong di totoo ang lahat ng 'yan. i won 480,00'0 pesos ha ha ha ha..... grabe ang panloloko niya. kung mangyari man ito sa inyo 'wag n'yong kagatin. atty. Rex A. Mendez daw s'ya.....

  26. nakatanggap din ako ngayon nanalo daw ako 760000 php kailangan ko lng daw bumili ng tatlong smart prepaid sim na nagkkahalaga ng 300 pesos para makuha ko ung prize ko sa western union "akala nya ata ngayon lng ako pinanganak::
    Beware of Atty.Raul de Leon Cel#09303598082

  27. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I received the same text message today fr. Atty.Joey F. De Vera that I won 800,000.00 Philippine Money fr Handog Pangkabuhayan and thought of myself that money has no problem to build a new house. The text sounded so convincing, so I got up and open my computer and found all these people that received the same message complaining fraud. Cell num: 9058617068. Handog pangkabuhayan , alrgiht. So many scammers these days and hope nobody will actually give in their bank acct number and personal identification.

  28. i just got a msg that i've won Php 780,000.Ur sim won thru electronic raffle. It was from Benigno"Noynoy" Aquino Jr. Foundation/Bangko Sentral - Handog Pasasalamat" To Claim my prize call REX. C. MENDEZ. Confident p xia n it was Dpt Per- DTI-NCR permit no. 1921 series of 2010. Eto yng Cell num n ginamit - 09262010645.

  29. Anonymous8:41 AM

    ahahahaha..graveh talaga,,, humingi pa ng load ung lokong un,,,pls ignore nalang yang mga message na yan,,, humihingi na nga sakin ngayon ng 3500 para ma in cash ung pera na 650,000 pesos, hehehe,

  30. Anonymous11:40 AM

    i received the same text earlier today eh kagigising ko lang naibigay ko yung name ko pero hindi yung account number tapos sabi ko mahirap lang kami ayun hindi na sumagot ulit eto yung number nia..09051587463..atty Lim daw

  31. Anonymous7:41 AM

    dapat sa mga scam texters na yan hulihin at putulan ng ulo may mga victim cguro dyan na na heart attack sa dami ng panalo.. danm these people esp yan si atty rex mendez daw. sana mamatay na sya

  32. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Atty. Rex A. Lim.... Ga ta hell...

  33. Anonymous10:52 AM

    nakarecvd dn po ako ng text ng atty bugok mendez na to nloko kmi ng 115 load hay sana pla nag search muna ko wish ko lng sana sa hingi nyang load na to mging sanhi ng maraming sakit na dumapo sa kanya...kapal ng mukha nya boses baklang bisakol un atty kuno na to...pagkaload nmin my ibang number na pinattagan at nanghihingi uli ng load hoy mr.mendez bugok go to hell...nkktulog k p b sa pnggagawa mo hudas ka...shit ka...dpat sau ginagawang panggatong sa imyerno...diyos na bahala sau im sure my nkalaan ng lugar sau sa hell...antay na sau...soli mo load ko waaaaa....ok lng po cge abuloy ko n sau un load...dko iyayaman yn marami po ako nyan...ingat po kau sa number ng cp sa manager kuno ng westrn union 09125017683....pkitadtad po ng text...tnx

  34. Anonymous11:04 AM

    pkibilibid yn hudas n atty bugok n yn...mendez un 115 n pnaload mo sa akin abuloy ko n sau...sana lng wala k ng mbiktima at balang araw lhat ng taong nauto mo sunod sunod n karma ang abutin mo...hudas k d k lng boses baklang bisakol boses mo at boses ng manager n cnsbi mo iisa boses nio parehong baklang bisakol...tnx anyway...ingat po kau sa number ng bugok n to 09125017683....sana mbitag kng hudas araw k rin asshole mendez...go to hell...mmtay k rin d dpat nbubuhay ang taong tulad mo...syunga....

  35. Anonymous10:07 PM

    huy manloloko ka ang sama-sama mo sana wala k ng maloko ang hirap kya ng buhay ngayon dagdag ka ng skit sa ulo ng lipunan muntik mu na kming mging bktima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kaasar kaaaa.......................
    baliw ka ang cheap mo

  36. Anonymous8:09 PM

    today, Feb. 12, 2011 just received this exact message 4x, here is the no. +639071409006..service providers should start asking for valid id's before selling sim card & register it so that this kind of scam will be stop.

  37. becca8:52 PM

    just received exactly the same text message fr rex mendez yesterday. my husband said i should check the name first and by searching, this site came out. Whew!! ang dami pala nilang gus2ng biktimahin!! nakakalungkot isipin na dumadami ang tao sa mundo na manloloko ng kapwa para lang sa sarili nilang kaginhawahan. mga tamad!!gustong kuhanin ang pinaghirapan ng iba!!

  38. my ngtxt dn skin last tue nanalo dw sim card q ng 950 000 000.00 and pra mkuha q ung pera bgay dw aq ng 5 300 smrt preapaid tas un bbgay n dw skin ung pera thru lbc bbgy .. gosssshhhh kaluka

  39. faith21210:53 AM

    mobile # 09496207983...texted me that i my sim # won 750,000.00...from Pres. Benigno Aquino charity with BSP...he is atty. rex mendez, from the BSP Information Dept......

  40. Anonymous11:24 AM

    ito yung txt sa akin talagang nagpaload ako para tawagan sya;Congratulations!Ur sim no.won[Php.650,000.00}Tru electronic faffle From PRESISEDENT BENIGNO C.AQUINO charity foundation ng Pilipinas ' HANDOG NG PANGKABUHAYAN2011' to claim ur price i'm Atty.Rex C.Mendezfrom.BSP info.Dpt per-DTI#8239 series of 2011 yang txt nila ang galing manluko

  41. Anonymous6:02 PM

    This morning a person who called himself as bubby c. mendoza with a cell # 0935 942 9605 text me that I won php950,000 plus a laptop thru electronic raffle from Pres. Benigno Aquino's 'Handog ng Pangkabuhayan'. How will we get rid of these scammers?

  42. Anonymous4:15 PM


  43. Anonymous4:22 PM


  44. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Today June 11,2011, we received Text from Atty. Fred B. Moncano Auditor of Philippine Charity Foundation per DTI Permit # 5247 Series of 2011 with celphone # +63905838060. That we won 780,000.00 pesos Handog pagkabuhayan.After verifying in the internet we found out that it is a SCam.

  45. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Atty. Fred B. Moncano if wise ka mas wise pa kami, di kami magbigay ng load. ANG BAIT MO SANA KUNIN KANA NI LORD. he .he .he. Padala mo nalang ang pera.

  46. Anonymous2:29 PM

    tnx dhil nbsa q mga comment n 2 muntik n me ngaun lng 2 txt p nrcieve q tgal q nga nwgan kc intrsted dn me ang gling mgslita buti ngsearch muna me atty. mark mendez nman pkilala nya tpos ung isa p sec.wendil c tam. muntik n me kmagat buti nlng hnd hehe

  47. Anonymous3:23 PM

    my mom received the same text message from atty. rex mendez stating mom won 650,000...coool...they're just wasting their money sending random text lost..

  48. Anonymous7:33 AM

    TelCos should just give better warnings in the future. Like......

    "Reminder! valid promos ONLY have 4 digits. You're a [Insert EGO damaging words here] if you even think that these [Insert curse words here] promos coming from ordinary mobile numbers have even a bit of truth about them. We value your privacy hence it's SCAM, more SCAM, and nothing more than [Insert most insulting words here] SCAM!! ....Here is your free 2php load Have a nice day :)"

  49. Anonymous9:59 AM

    TARANTADONG ATTY REX MENDEZ na yan umaatake na nman,ngayon lng sinusubukan pa akong biktimahin,GAGO KA d mo ako kya,magpakilala ka at magbarilan nalang tyo kng buo ang pagkalalaki mo bugok,paalala lng sa mga kababayan ntin eto un gamit nyan #09268322029 hwag kyong magpapabiktima sa demonyong yan.....

  50. kala nmm ttoo ung mga tntxt smen..pra s txt ttoong ttoo..syempre kkgat kah..n nanalo ang sim q ng php 780,000..donated by cong's: MANNY PACQUIAO..ATTY.MIKE C. MENDEZ ang gnmit nah pangalan..

    WAG KAUNG MGPALOKO S # N GNITO..09126551295..

  51. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Congrats ! Ur Sim just won php. 950,00.00 2nd prize. pls call me now , atty. rhea a. mendez. auditor of phils. charity foundation.. wow! ang lakas manloko sna makarma.. , kakainis...

  52. akala nya siguro mauutakan nya ako sori xa hndi ako basta2 malo2ko lang no....aanuhin ko pa ung pingaral ko kng magpapaloko long ako sau mr.rex c. mendez.....sna marealiz mu ung mga gngwa mu sa mga taong hnhngian u ng load.....

    guyz ingat2 puh kau sa mga manloloko nagaun....

  53. Anonymous6:18 PM

    my gosh...its good i check it first here at net....hai naku...meron ba naman ganyan lng na namimigay ng pera thats very much impossible.
    kung cnu ka man na nagttttx stop doing it...maghanap ka ng matinong trabaho...i wonder lng kasi how did you be able to know numbers...

  54. Hi, nkareceive din ako ng ganitong message. Ask ko lang san nyo ba binili ung mga sim cards nyo? I have 2 sim cards, ung globe ko, sa mismong globe outlet ko binili, then ung isa, smart, sa tabi tabi lang, i mean ung sa mga side vendors, lol! then i figured out na ung globe, d naman nkakareceive ng this kind of text scams, tapos ung sim na binili ko sa tabi tabi, un ung nkakareceive. it made me think na cguro nilista muna nila ung sim numbers at mismong ung mga nagbebenta na un ang kakuntsaba ng text scammers. or d kaya pag nagpapaload kyo minsan sa mga sari sari store or other outlets, dba nililista lang sa notebooks or papel? dun cguro nila nakukuha ung numbers ng ivivictim nila. what do you think, guys?

  55. Anonymous3:09 PM

    buti nlng ni search ko muna sa net bout sa txt scam na 2 at di agad kmi kumagat sa laki ng pearng napanalunan "daw" nmin kaak recieve lng kc ngaun ng txt na nanalo daw kmi ...shocks! kung nagkataon naibigay nrin nmin ung account no3 nmin...

  56. Anonymous2:00 PM

    ainaku. sana karmahin ang gumagawa nito. alam naman natin na hindi nag'iingay ang karma. sana karmahin ang gumagawa nito.

  57. Anonymous9:31 PM

    scammers? tado .. mas matalino pa kmi sa inyo..

  58. atty rex lim daw sya nakuhan ng load worth 600 ang kapit bahay namin bago humingi sa akin ng advice...the we try to search the given infos from rex wala naman at salamat sa site na to nagising kapit bahay ko na supposed to send 1500 for tax daw na hininge ni rex....
    Romans 12:19 God will take revenge for him and his whole family....

  59. Anonymous11:34 AM

    ne too just a text message this evening nov. 27, 2011 8:58PM

    +639067548518 (8:58 PM):
    Congratulations! Ur sim no.Had Won (Php.650,000.00) Thru electronic Raffle From PRESIDENT BENIGNO C. AQUINO Charity foundation w/ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas "PAMASK0NG HAND0G 2011"to Claim ur prize pls call me now. Atty.Rex C. Mendez frm.BSP Info.Dpt Per-DTI#5791 Series of 2011.

    nag email ako kaagad sa NBI this morning....sana mahuli!!!

  60. Anonymous12:16 AM

    schockzz,,kaka received ko lang ng txt na yan from atty mendez..honestly nkausap ko pa,,,buti nlng naging curious pa rin ako kaya npuntahan ko site n2,,thank u to all of you,he want me to call him up again tommorow 8;30am ,,,'m willing to help to track him..he used this number 09262676943...beware...

  61. Anonymous10:12 AM

    guys eto bagong number ni aka atty Rex A. Mendez

  62. Anonymous2:34 PM

    umatake na naman ng kati ng kamay sa pagttext itong si atty. rex c. mendez kuno abogago ng kalokohan . hirap na nga ang tao pahihirapan mo pa sa mga panloloko ko mo mr. mendez go to hell and burn yourself.eto pala number gamit nya 09124790254 sana guys wag ka kayo paloko sa mga text nya na nanalo kayo ng handog pangkabuhayan at cash na Php650,000.00 dahil scam yan.. ingat kayo sa mga text na ganito ...salamat

  63. Anonymous4:03 PM


    Just received dis txt fr cp#639496122751 w/ d msg "your sim card no. won P650,000 in Handog Pangkabuhayan Pasasalamat by the PCSO and Rep Manny Pacquiao. To claim ur prize call me now, A.A. Chua" Di ko na pinansin alam ko kalokohan lang i2.

  64. Anonymous9:08 AM

    new number nya, +639352565848
    ATTY REX F. GORDON nmn daw sya.
    ingat nlng mga kababayan.

  65. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Oh yeah he also asked me to send him load for 200 pesos to make a call to the person who will issue my check...his other name is, ATTY REX F. GORDON. his using this number..09267935907

  66. Anonymous1:03 PM

    yan ung mga taong walang magawa sa buhay!sa akin din ngaun lang!office of manny pacquiao charity! ur cel# won 950,000
    from atty.lyndon caƱa!syempre kailangan marunong ka din!nag search ako sa computer wala
    ung pangalan niya sa atty. list in the ph! good luck! salahat

  67. Atty. Jason Chua
    Pres. Benigno Aquino Charity Foundation
    i2 no nya- +639465006425

    at i2 pa Atty. Rey Osmena

    kawawa naman ang nabibiktima ng mga ito...

  68. Anonymous11:08 AM

    buti nalang nakapag search ako,,maging maingat po tayo sa mga taong manloloko..

  69. ito naman ang ginagamit ni Atty. Rhea A Mendez na number 09488671110, auditor ng Phils charity foundation daw sya! idadag ko lang sa babala... salamat sa link na to...

    Mag ingat wag mang pa loko....

  70. babala sa number na to 09488671110 sya daw si Atty. Rhea A. Mendez at auditor ng Phils Charity Foundation... idadagdag ko lang sa mga babala dito....

    Mag-ingat at wag pa loloko...

    salamat sa blog na to at malaking tulong.

  71. Anonymous6:46 AM

    ingat din kayo sa number 9051427808 same scam message at ang ginamit na panglan ay Atty. Jessie F. Morales.Date recvd March 27, 2012.Time 15:38. DTI 1615 series of 2012.
    Prize is Php 880,000.
    Galing din ako ng abroad.

    At same day idem message from Rafael M. Lopez, DTI 0243 series of 2012.

    Naloko lang ako sa panahon sa ka verify. Di bale ingay kayo sa mga ito.

    1. Anonymous1:49 AM

      Eto New number uli 09303144592 nanalo daw ako Prize is Php 720,000 Sec. Beny M.Gozon naman ang Name IMFO HEAD DEPARTMENT DTI # 1388,S'13 HAY NAKU DAMI TALAGA MGA MANLOLOKO NGAYON

  72. Anonymous11:38 AM

    new number nya,09489061008 & 09488671110 ATTY RHEA A. MENDEZ Auditor of Phils.Charity Foundation daw siya.... INGAT MGA KABABAYAN

  73. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Number: +639262052195
    Notice:Ma'am/Sir, From:
    NTC Company Handog Pangkabuhayan. Ur mobile # had won Php(720,000,00 Donated by : Cong's. Manny Pacquiao To claim ur prize pls. call me now! I'm Atty. Eduardo L.Chua DTI NCR per#1563 S'12. Thank You!
    Time: 22/05/2012 11:14:18

  74. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Ingat, ingat! I received two such messages in two weeks, first from a certain Sec. Rica Mendez on May 28, 2012 that my SIM# won 780,000 during the 75th funding anniversary of Central Bank of the Phils. Knowing it to be an scam, I jestingly texted back that Central Bank of the Phils was founded in January 1949 and it is now Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas effective July 3, 1993, how could it be celebrating its 75th funding anniversary. The second text to the same fon number was from a certain Atty. Jessie Morales dated June 12, 2012 that I won Php650,000 from the Pres. Benigno C. Aquino Handog Pangkabuhayan. Again, I texted back to say..masyado yatang masuerte SIM # at nabunot twice in two weeks time. Dami kong pera? Sorry to text you instead of call as instructed, my load is not enough to make a call. Grabbeee talaga, these scammers, poster above, I lost nothing but time to verify, tama, ingat at ingay tayo!

  75. hi po may pumasok po kasi sa number namin ng num nah 09489061008 tapos may price pa po ?....#2204

  76. I just received another text message ngayon naman si Atty. Jessie M. Morales. We gave a bogus address and name and info.. then he was asking to send him a load worth 200 pesos in order for us to claim the prize sa LBC.. hahaha.. We told him the truth na patay na yung pangalan na yun at NBI number yung tinawagan nya. Ayun! di na sumasagot sa mga tawag...09059439143.. bagong number ni Bogus Attorney.

  77. Anonymous1:54 AM

    May bago na naman Number ang mga hinayupak 09303144592 Sec. Beny M. Gozon naman ang gamit na Name