Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pasalubong for the Pinoys Abroad

Most of my friends have gone to work abroad. I think I am the only one who refuses to leave my beloved country. Anyway, they are quite happy there and what's good about it is I have many places I can crash in whenever I travel hehe.

And the top 5 things you can bring for Filipinos working abroad (and stuff you can share with colleagues from other nations) are:

1. Chocnut - very expensive at the Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road. So, don't take that Chocnut for granted.

2. Boy Bawang - my colleagues and friends said, "Sasambahin ka when you bring this."

3. Dried Mangoes - ahhh, last Monday my boss complained that someone stole my pasalubong for him. Hahaha. No worries, I'll bring more next month. Dried mangoes, still one of our best export products.

4. Datu Puti Toyo and Suka (vinegar) - the secret must-have ingredient for adobo.

5. Purefoods Hotdog - believe me, my Mom requires me to lug around hotdog and tocino whenever I visit my Kuya... at least 5 kilograms of it!

And well one bit about having friends and relatives abroad is teaching them how to send money to the Philippines online, that, and teaching them how to purchase load for their Philippine prepaid number. Well, ahem ahem to my Ate and Kuya now you know how to do it hehehe. I'm still the bunso after all.