Monday, December 31, 2007

The 2007 of An Apple a Day

This is the only week that I've really managed to sit down and think about what happened the whole year. I celebrated New Year's day this year in another country and I'd say that my year did not really start well, but like to say that it's ending way beyond what I imagined where I would be at this point.


Since I started this year somewhere far, far away, I'd like to start looking back at where my feet have brought me this year (for full recount on my travels, please visit Lakwatsera Ako).

Beaches: Bali, Puerto Galera, Samal Island, Tambuli Beach, Punta Fuego, Panglao Island, La Union, Boracay

Local: Bataan and Pampanga, Bohol, Cebu (lost count how many times), Davao, Laoag, Vigan, Lucban, Capiz, Iloilo, Baguio

Hongkong, Singapore (thrice), California and Washington

I am amazed at how I managed to do all that. I hope 2008 would bring me to more places I have not been to.


I met so many people this year. Throngs of people believe me and I don't think I'd be able to remember everybody's names - so sorry! I used to have a very good memory and I just get so embarrassed now whenever I can't remember a person's name.

Because of unfortunate incidents I learned a valuable lesson on trust. I know my best friend warned me about it back in 2006, but I've always been open with everybody. She was right about the fact that I am open to being abused. Sadly, I met some people who did just that. It's a good thing I have a very solid support group who managed to bring back my sunshine immediately. So, I learned to be wary. I don't regret anything though coz each and every thing that happens to you is something you can learn from.

On the other hand, I am happy to note that I've managed to strengthen old friendships and forge new ones. To my old friends from my community/neighborhood, high school, college, grad school and work; plus new friends from the blogging community and the industry, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for bearing with me and for always being there. I'm not going to name names anymore, lest I miss out someone (iwas tampuhan!), you guys know who you are anyway.


I just want to give a huge mega-watt-terrabyte smile about this. I just want to keep what I've been through this year close to my heart. There were a lot of mishaps (series-es of unfortunate incidents LOL) and drama, but I'd like to chalk those up to experience. And Brother Bo's right, you do need to meet more guys, not to have more choices, but so you'd be able to discern who's right for you. It was a long journey alright with a Valentine search, then defaulting because I did not have a Valentine, thoughts on whether it's better to be single or married, thoughts about THE one, longing for my ideal and type of guy and more rants about being single. I gave up. I really did.

Well, you just really got to have faith. Two years ago I wrote an article for our parish newsletter, "When God Writes Your Love Story" and I waited, waited and waited. On the 12-hour flight back from the US, I told God that I was giving up already and that I already accepted the fact that I'd just remain single forever. I already planned on enrolling in post-graduate studies since I made that deal with Him early this year. No BF by the second term, I'm going to go get a doctoral degree already. And I wasn't joking, I have emails to prove that I was already working on taking the exam and enrolling if I passed.

Well, whaddya know, less than 24 hours after I touched down NAIA's tarmac, I was tulala over having a Sweetie. I think it took two weeks for it to sink in. Poor Sweetie. LOL. Wanna know more? Go read "When God Writes Your Love Story (part 2)".


I thank God no one in my immediate family had to be hospitalized this year. The past few years has been grueling for me. My brother and sister are far away and most of my relatives live far away as well and it's just really difficult whenever someone's sick. You may have a great career, fabulous friends and what-not, but the most important aspect of one's life should be your family. It was really great seeing my Ate after 5 years and I just cannot help but cry whenever my brother leaves after a visit. Bunso ako eh. And Miguel, I just cannot imagine my life without him. It was this year that he began to outweigh me and he's taller than me already. Yikes! No girlfriends muna ha, please remember what I told you (why it's illogical to have a girlfriend at 13). And Mom and Dad, you guys are simply the best.

Good health and a prosperous new year and more love is what I wish for my family. Who knows, maybe there would be an addition next year.


I only managed to do half of what I targeted to do this year. I wasn't able to do the other stuff because they were dependent on other people and I probably lost focus in some of the things I wanted to do. I'll think about my New Year's resolution and targets tomorrow (or maybe the day after since tomorrow's our family reunon). I'd say though that 2007 may not have started on the right foot, but it definitely steered towards a better path at the last quarter of the year. All of these are blessings from God.

And as my dear friend, Maui, SMSd a while ago, "Remember, life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile."

'Do not take life seriously. After all, no one has ever come out of it alive.' --- Bugs Bunny



  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    what wonderful blessings. And you're surely to be more blessed this year. I'm happy to see both of you so happy. Happy New year to you , your family and Sweetie. :)

  2. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Happy New year Aileen! I'm so glad I got the opportunity of meeting you in 2007! I love our chika sessions! Here's to a fantabulously great 2008 for all of us!

  3. Happy new year, Aileen. Yours is one of the blogs I like because of its honesty. Cheers to 2008.

  4. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Happy New Year, Aileen!

    you are blessed! but i know you will be even more blessed this 2008. i can see that twinkle in your eyes, yes, you are indeed in love!

    for you, miguel and your loved ones, my prayers for a 2008 filled with abundant blessings and joy, and may love, hope and peace reign in your hearts.



  5. Anonymous11:39 AM

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Ate Aileen!!! :D

    You forgot to mention Davao City though. :( But we still love you. :)

  6. @noemi - thank you very much for the kind words and for all the encouragement you've given me as well throughout the year.

    @baklang aj - chikka sessions indeed! ang saya saya! and maraming salamat din sa ating mga boy ranting sessions! hugs.

    @em dy - thanks! I appreciate your comment. Ganyan talaga ako, no pretensions =)

    @sexymom - thank you very much! and thanks for being my blogging mommy! hugs.

    @riajose - OMG! nalagay ko nga Samal Island lang! Argghhhh!