Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top Priorities for 2008

New Year Resolution - Self Deception

I don't really make new year's resolutions. Why? Because I don't live up to it most of the time and I respond better to targeting project goals rather than emo stuff. I wasn't able to complete all the stuff I targeted last year for one reason or another, but I do know I pushed myself to the limit the whole year. I just have to do much better this year. My boss once advised that I should always target more than what I think I should be able to deliver and not what I am comfortable doing. That way I'd be able to push myself to the limit and deliver more. Sound advise indeed.

I haven't really thought much about what I want to do specifically this year, but the following just came to me the past few days:

1. Go to at least 10 local destinations I have not seen before. BUT! Pace my travels so-much-so that I don't end up in 3 cities within 1 week.

2. Learn to cook 12 dishes (that's one per month, a tall order since the only thing I know how to cook is spaghetti).

3. Acquire video editing skills (that's why I created You Got Tech with a couple of friends). Finish reading all the books I did not finish reading last year.

4. Be more organized. And I don't mean by my standards. Ask any of my former colleagues and my Mom and they'll be able to vouch for my organized chaos principle.

5. Establish at least 2 other sources of income. I have 7 more years to complete a bet with my Kuya.

6. Bring Miguel to another local destination. I don't think I'll manage to bring him to an international destination this year.

7. Target to increase savings by 100%.

8. Establish better communication within my clan. I realized after our reunion yesterday that our numbers are dwindling and someone needs to put a spark back to our reunions, so I'm appointing myself since I'm the youngest in our clan.

9. Be of better service to others through the charities I am working with. Perhaps go back to doing our Parish newsletter.

10. Exceed my work deliverables.

And check on this post every month - I think I'll make a reminder-alarm for it in my Google calendar just to be sure.

Happy new year everyone! Hope you had a fabulous holiday (even though our Christmas season officially ends on Sunday pa)!


  1. your goals are very sound. It is good to list the priorities. Am confident you will attain them. Happy new year,aileen.

  2. @jehzeel - I want to live in Davao!

    @noemi - thanks Noemi! =)

  3. lady cess9:38 PM

    good luck and may you reach all your goals :)

  4. What do you want to cook? Tulungan kita :D

  5. @lady cess - salamat girl!

    @kaoko - hmmmm madami! unang goal ko eh lahat ng handa nung family reunion namin :p

  6. I resolve to never do new year's resolutions no more. Does that count?