Monday, December 10, 2007

Your Soul's Music

So it's early in the morning and Juned buzzes me to inform me that he tagged me for the "Naked Meme: What's on Your iPod?" by Jayvee, the bug.

This is how the meme goes -

1. Take a screen shot of either your Top 25 Most Played / 25 Recently Played / Top Rated songs on your music device.

2. Post them on your blog and explain yourself.

3. Copy these instructions and tag 6 audiophiles to do the same thing.

Fine fine... so here's my top 25 most played list:

Now to explain myself:

1. I obviously love OPM. I do and it's what primarily brought me and Sweetie together as friends. We started hanging out because he'd invite me to tag along with him to some music events - the first was Christian Bautista's album launch last January - and the rest is history.

2. I like listening to love songs, but I do have a sawi list too. My top 25 list is worth 2 years of playing. #19 ramped up only recently, bakit kaya? Hmmm...

3. Since I love OPM, I love Pinoy artists. Quite a number of my friends would always chide me for preferring OPM artists over foreign artists. I'm Filipino and proud to be one. I am not ashamed over preferring local music and don't really care if my friends have to be dragged around to accompany me to watch local concerts.

4. The list culminates from different playlists in my iPod and I have really funny names for it, I just choose the playlist that best describes my mood. I've been playing my Christmas list for the past month and my friends on Gtalk have noticed it (to show what your current music track just download the Gtalk console).

5. I am in love. `Nuff said. LOL.

If you love OPM you should check out my Youtube channel since I feature a number of artists I've watched perform live. And watch out for my post about the 1st OPM Songhits Awards.

Most of my friends love listening to music too, bestfriend Anne though prefers listening to another type of music (you'd witness this on our Songs from Wendy's blog) and it would be interesting to see how she'd answer this meme. Well, I'm tagging the following:

Anne, Harry, Janette, Jehz, Markku, and Winston

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