Saturday, April 21, 2007

Travel: Punta Fuego

It was another adventure with the Band of Bloggers. The Punta Fuego trip was hosted by Rico's Tita. The sweethearts went ahead early in the morning with Jayvee and got to enjoy the beach before lunch. Abe and I followed after lunch because I had work to finish first.

It usually takes just about 2 hours to get to Nasugbu, Batangas, but it took Abe and I four hours! We stopped over at Petron SLEX to have lunch and buy some bilins from Sasha, coffee break at Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay (yummy chocolate chip pancakes!), 7-Eleven at Nasugbu and then Abe just had to go back to shoot some photos at Kawayan Cove.

The photos I took do not do justice to beauty of the place. Here take a look:

Thank God there was wifi and Jayvee's Globe Visibility dongle! We were still connected to the world (much to Sasha's consternation!). Anyway, we spent the next day getting a tan at the beach and did a Bobcast recording in the evening at the Punta Fuego point. It was so dark on the way there that we just had to scare each other. (Some of the photos are by Sasha and I think Rico)

Of course, fun times always have to end. Three horror movies, lots endless pork inihaw, my Sexy Sling (tsktsktsk!), learning how to sleep on a bean bag and finding the coldest corner in the house, we had to go back to reality. And since we were in the area we spent some time more in Tagaytay and had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio's and merienda at that nook overlooking Taal Volcano.

Sigh. Back in hot, hot, hot Manila!


  1. ahh but the beach in punta fuego isn't that nice as compared to terrezas but nevertheless a change of scenery is always a good thing

  2. @noemi - and at least I turned a bit red! :)

  3. Very nice picture here. I heard that Batangas is a province with a lot of beaches. Hope to be there when I return to my Philippines.

    Could you recommend me which one is the best?

  4. Hi mommy, nice bunny!