Saturday, December 1, 2007

Can't Stop Christmas!


That was my first thought when I arrived the other day from Baguio. I thought I already escaped the cold Baguio weather. And I soon realized after seeing all the blinking lights and the red, green and gold decor at the Gateway Mall that Christmas is just around the corner!

I have a confession to make... I have not even made my Christmas list and have not started shopping for anything. I have, however, managed to put up a mini-Christmas tree at my basement (okay... so it was actually Miguel who put it up, but hey at least I made him do it, hehehe) and since my Mom wanted a new tree Sweetie was really kind enough to accompany me to find one, so last weekend we ended up at this huge store in Sucat and found this really scary Santa -

Much as it was inexpensive I didn't want to scare myself and the kids who'd be visiting home, so I dropped the idea of buying any decor at that store. Perhaps it'd work for a Halloween Christmas spoof eh? LOL.

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  1. ate aileen, nag-cost cutting po mga gumawa niyan. they thought of having a 2-in-1 decoration for halloween and christmas. hehehehe