Monday, December 10, 2007

My Lamp Art

I always wished I had talent for the arts. My nephews, nieces and my son can draw really well and I can't even make recognizable stick figures. Pfffttt!

So moving on... I wished too that I had talent in the realm of design. The most I've done is design a curio and simple furniture when my Mom and I were exporting. That didn't work out well either.

And, then again, I love taking photos, but the photos don't love me. Asa pa. So, I've been sticking to the standards and some strange patterns I seem to love taking photos of - and those things I just keep buried in my Picasa Web Album (offline).

I will always be a frustrated artist...

And so while I was in Davao I took some photos of lamps, you'd never guess what they really look like in real life. The Usual Suspects thought they looked interesting and encouraged me to post them in my blog. So here it is and I've also taken the liberty to give them titles -

Blue Rings


Red Eye

Green Eyed Monster

Lighted Avocado

A Clean Moon

Exhaustion and boredom, that's why I took those photos =)