Sunday, December 2, 2007

Digitalfilipino Christmas Party and Culmination of the Filipina Writing Project

It's been a really hectic week and if you noticed I haven't blogged for sometime now. I got loads of stuff to blog about, but I'm just so busy lately that it's been pushed back again and again.

Anyway, last Wednesday before heading for Baguio I managed to squeeze in attending the culmination of the Filipina Writing Project and the Digitalfilipino Christmas party (an all-in-one event) which was held at Ponciana's Restaurant somewhere in Quezon City (I'm not from that area, but I think it's somewhere near Timog, bah don't ask me).

I think I started gaining weight at the party because of this -

Photo by Sweetie.

And Joan's tipsy leche flan was indeed something that could make you tipsy -

Photo by Sweetie.

And since my best friend, Anne, and AngLoloNiyo Harry and Chel were late, we had a grand time presenting Harry's birthday gift after the party. Look at the photos and you'll know why I was so bungisngis about the gift -

Photos by Sweetie.

Photo by Dennis Rito (nenok from Janette's Facebook).

After the party, we joined some of the Digitalfilipino oldies (hehe, they don't read my blog anyway!) and Sweetie and I were put on a hot seat. Lusot pa rin though!

Here's some photos from the party:


  1. Anonymous3:39 PM


    Si mamai pinost pa talaga! Haha. Mag-kulay kamatis po ako lalo niyan. Hahahaha.

  2. ayun! may post ka na rin about DFFWP night.. hehehe

    DFFWP - DigitalFilipino Filipina Writing Project.. waheheh ^_^

  3. so this is what Harry's been telling me about.

    well i had nothing to do with this ha... *deadma* LOL HAHAHAHA